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  1. do we need to complete certain quests?
  2. server crash doesn't mean they update or fix anything
  3. most of old content doesn't work
  4. are you serious? demon hunter ONLY available for Night Elf and Blood Elf
  5. what do you mean? Void Elf, Nightborne, and Highmountain Tauren can choose monk
  6. yes
  7. yes, it will get u insta 110 with gear of course but idk what ilvl
  8. can anyone confirm that if we use boris to levelup allied race we'll get heritage armor and class mount?
  9. what quest?
  10. if you encountered blank white windows just relog, it should fix that
  11. maybe bugged quest then he got flagged by server and then DC to remove his nethershard lol
  12. there is no other way? everytime i click the table it says under attack or Active but the progress bar is 100% i can't click that donate button and daily quests that auto complete from Commander Chambers? what is that? also on my char, mage tower shown complete building that i have to click the object to trigger the cinematic of mage tower is complete, but when i click the object nothing happend
  13. for legion assaults, probably you should complete the chain quest first. and that's the problem. im stuck with donating construction building. everytime i click the board it says under attack or already 100% complete and can't click that "Donate" resource button. also my character see the complete building object on mage tower but if i click that nothing happen, just cinematic that mage tower is complete
  14. maybe you can try to leave your corpse area and then come back with spam accept button or relog and then spam accept button
  15. probably by killing random bunch of mobs in broken shore and loot them