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  1. i take weekly quest The Worlds Awaits that require you to complete 20 world quests. i know this quest is working fine but something bother me, when i already complete that quest then i travel to Argus, that quest bugged, it says - 20/20 World Quest Completed and it's stuck. i can't return it, i already tried to delete cache. the only way to fix it i had to retake the quest and doing all that 20 WQ again, that's frustrating. any solution?
  2. you should talk to Artifact Lord NPC at dalaran
  3. Title: Cross-Faction [Sylvanas] Type: In-game Description:  hello Firestorm staff, i have a suggestion but probably already been suggested before idk. can you guys implement cross-faction on sylvanas realm? like party,raid, BG, dungeon, LFR, RDF, premade for easy party up for M+ key etc? that would be easy to play because we don't need to wait much longer since we don't know the exact population from each faction. thanks anyway
  4. if firestorm enable cross-faction BG on sylvanas and greymane, that would be easy to get queue on AV and IoC, there will be no long queue time
  5. seems like you're using google translate?
  6. maybe try to where do you get that quest i mean you take Light's Return quest from turalyon but turalyon near xenadar and try to go there, not inside vindicaar
  7. i think that's not the problem. i don't have latency issues with that cross-realm thing on BG and arena
  8. legnax

    probably post your thought on Suggestion section, maybe GM will consider that, even tho i'm not quite sure. maybe your best chance are keep collecting loyalty points...
  9. i did complete that achievement several days ago, yeah it's part of breaching the tomb questline
  10. legnax

    you could always buy Firestorm Points
  11. idk how you think but why should you create thread like this? this kind of thread doesn't solve anything
  12. this is a simple macro to change specialization with 1 simple button. i create it with help from /framestack, here is the macro copy paste to your macro: maybe useful for someone who change spec frequently /click TalentMicroButton /click PlayerTalentFrameTab1 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationSpecButton1 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationLearnButton /click PlayerTalentFrameCloseButton /click TalentMicroButton /click PlayerTalentFrameTab1 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationSpecButton2 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationLearnButton /click PlayerTalentFrameCloseButton /click TalentMicroButton /click PlayerTalentFrameTab1 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationSpecButton3 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationLearnButton /click PlayerTalentFrameCloseButton 4th spec for druid, because.... druid have 4 spec /click TalentMicroButton /click PlayerTalentFrameTab1 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationSpecButton4 /click PlayerTalentFrameSpecializationLearnButton /click PlayerTalentFrameCloseButton
  13. probably it's already deployed, but for you who already complete the quest i think your achievement is have to be added manually
  14. this is not Q&A section, this is suggestion thread section!
  15. do we need to complete certain quests?
  16. server crash doesn't mean they update or fix anything
  17. most of old content doesn't work
  18. are you serious? demon hunter ONLY available for Night Elf and Blood Elf
  19. what do you mean? Void Elf, Nightborne, and Highmountain Tauren can choose monk
  20. yes, it will get u insta 110 with gear of course but idk what ilvl
  21. can anyone confirm that if we use boris to levelup allied race we'll get heritage armor and class mount?
  22. what quest?
  23. if you encountered blank white windows just relog, it should fix that
  24. maybe bugged quest then he got flagged by server and then DC to remove his nethershard lol