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  1. Quest the tears of elune bug
  2. That's Val'sharah Folks! I cant finish this achievements not work the story line, there not are NPC but I see many ppl fly on Broken Isle. I asked at GM help but whitout results. I need 2 storyline (Bradensbrook) (Black Rook Hold) achievements Can u help me?
  3. tnx firestorm
  4. The mage is very bugged, the frost barrier assorb 0, mirror images not work, all barrier have some problem. Class Master help the community not sleep!
  5. Why write on Home page Legion SOON, not write SOON - write may be 2017...
  6. Sarebbe buono fare una gilda Italiana solo pvp Arena bg se avete voglia di crearla lato orda contattatemi in game! Mi piacerebbe chiamarla Shadow Lords!
  7. This is big problem and I have problem to find people for arena...