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  1. Welcome to the community. I'll hope you will enjoy your stay here on Firestorm.
  2. This is correct, You can only raise your weapon skill level by hitting mobs that gives you experience. Also you can use a training dummy in either orgrimmar or stormwind to train your weapon skills.
  3. I'm really curious about the quest line for the Demon Hunter class, starters location etc It looks like an amazing experience we are gonna have when the time has come.
  4. Heyy Dalras, Welcome to the firestorm community. :)
  5. Azi, You are so cruel.. How dare you with that click.
  6. The reward for voting are vote points. 1 Vote Point for each vote you've succesfully made. But spending them in the shop can be temporarily been disabled due the Expension/ Realm hasn't been far enough advanced in the patches to ensure the realm remains blizzlike according to the Patches made during the expension being released one by one for the full experience. It's all a matter of time before it's gonna be opened this includes In-game and shop related.
  7. Greetings Rick, Voting is for more then just vote points, The more people vote and the more, the higher Firestorm gets within the servers list. The higher we reach means more population over time and maybe more shop users which keeps Firestorm alive as running major things such as Firestorm has grown into aint free. So lets say no one votes? Means the server will die and stop to excist in fact. Also, If the shop is closed now for your expension/ realm you simply just can safe up vote points and once it opens you can spend it. No reason not to vote for Firestorm. Kind regards, Ares
  8. Greetings EnterYourName, This post doesn't belongs in report a player section. Moved to General Discussion. Kind regards, Game Master Ares.
  9. Haha Azi now we all know what you are dreaming.( Or is it real? ) In that case you might consider sharing
  10. Welcome back to the Firestorm Community.
  11. Thank you Azi for your great work! I really like it. May you have alot more satisfied customers for your showcase.
  12. Welcome Cippucci. Nice to meet you.
  13. Thank you, nice to meet you all.
  14. Greetings Utumn96, Incase of any missing character: - Lost my characters, they're deleted: Send a Private Message to one of the Executive Game Masters [Velanor, Droodic or Nolam] Depends on which expension you play, In this case Tharan'Zhu/ Mists of Pandaria. Please contact Executive Game Master Velanor. He could assist you on retrieving back your lost character. Kind regards, Game Master Ares.