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  1. So.. i just came from a Strand of the Ancients and there was 3-4 horde players that took no damage... i thought they are hackers or what not. But then i got into another BG and i got 3 wow errors one after another and when i logged in the 4th time , i took no damage just like the other players. I hope that some GM's see this and try to look it up , and where is that problem comming. Thanks.
  2. Well , when are the Rated Arenas going to be implemented , does anyone know?
  3. I have seen you have repaired the PVP Armor NPC's in Ashran , to seel the items with Mark of Honor , but did you make that bg's drop those Mark of Honor if i want to buy that gear?
  4. What happened again... two times server is incompatible for the last 30 minutes , and i have been in a dungeon the two times and starting over..... what is wrong with this server.
  5. In the front panel of the site this was just written
  6. Firestorm International January 19, 2017 Characters display issue is now fixed on Sylvanas realm (Legion).
  7. And i got an error and cant log in again... i guess we will play normaly tommorow
  8. Spells now work
  9. Now its even worse... one step back
  10. Is that familiar just now
  11. Its offline now boys... some serious shit
  12. The bad thing is that no GM is saying something here....
  13. xaxaxaxa Imagine that they make the server VIP only
  14. Monks cant roll or Flying serpent kick , DH's cant glide ... what happened man