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  1. @Onken Quiasimodo is it you? Looks like a chubby human with a ogre head
  2. Jungle Book (2016) 7/10 Better like i thought but never like the from disney.
  3. the database is mixed with your regional language and english/french. to get the game in german, start the firestorm launcher, go to your wow addon and click on settings. click on game settings and you will see how to change the game language.
  4. nice animated races, this movie will be a feast for warcraft fans.
  5. not all, some items you only can get on the shop, because it was limited special content (deathwheel f. exmpl) on wow. but the most of them you can get ingame.
  6. hiho^^ i am the friend i can see my normal character at logging screen and when i log in for seconds, after the world is loaded this curious bug transform me and jessi to an ugly orc. nothing works. i died, teleported, unstucked and went to tanaris for the drink who makes you to a skeletton. it transformed me everytime back to the orc. you can say the both characters are right now broken. please fix this bug!