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  1. Good job. Keep on the good work.
  2. Some people actually troll the queue. So, the second option is the better option. Give those people 30 minutes deserter debuff.
  3. It is not updated, yet. Use the 7.1.5 at the moment. They will give us a patch to update from 7.1.5 to 7.3.5. The update is scheduled to be released by the end of April.
  4. Ok, so here is my updated HandyNotes .lua file. Place it as the same folder mentioned in installation overwriting the file there:
  5. Ok, it seems there are more eggs. Read the updates on: I will update my HandyNotes link later.
  6. Yeah, I have heard some people got 60. Though, I was talking about myself.
  7. 1. Introduction There is an addon called HandyNotes that I use a lot on several occasions. The addon allows you to mark spots of interest on maps. I have used this addon to mark all the custom eggs spots. If you are late to this event, let me tell you all about it. The event spawns custom NPCs (golden eggs) called "Easter Egg" and they allow you to click them (only one time per realm/account). There is a total of 30 eggs per realm. I believe they are spawned on the legion realms and on the MoP realm. Note that the event will probably end in hours. 2. Installation A. Close the WoW client. B. Download the HandyNotes addon (if you do not have it already) from the following link: C. Place the extracted addon folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns D. Download this file: Then, copy it into \World of Warcraft Legion\WTF\Account\YOUR-WOW-EMAIL\SavedVariables Note: if you have used HandyNotes before and you have your own HandyNotes.lua file, back it up first. 3. Usage After logging into the game, press M then right click to zoom out to continents, you will see the eggs marked as blue squares on continent maps. Zoom into the maps with squares and you will see their exact spots. Sometimes, the eggs are within sub-maps like dalaran sewers and start areas. Do not worry. For those you will see orange circle icons pointing you to the right direction. Also, make a macro (/tar Easter Egg) and spam it near the blue squares to find the eggs. 4. Rewards You can get loyalty points, gear (very low chance) and the following: Most of the eggs will give you nothing. Personally, 11/30 gave me the following: 240 loyalty points (50+20+30+30+40+30+40) 1 Eggbert Egg. 1 Noblegarden Bunny. 2 Magic Rooster Egg. 5. Outro I would like to thank the players from the following thread: Who made this possible especially DrSandwich. I have used his last post to make this. I would also like to thank Bravebeard for helping the players with his Discord guide. I did not use it personally, though still. Regards. If you like this guide, let me know.
  8. Title: Discord Giveaway Service Suggestion Type: Website Description: There is a new giveaway service on Discord, that allows the players to have the chance to win items / titles. It is a brilliant idea and I love it. Though, from my basic understanding of Discord (I could be wrong), you cannot prevent people from participating in the giveaway on several Discord accounts. Someone could make 100 accounts, for example. So, what I am thinking. Instead of making the players participate in Discord. Do it on the forums/site instead where people have characters on the account. Thanks.
  9. I love the idea. Though, you cannot enforce it. As Ouroboros said, if they disable the linking of the item, people will do MM or mythic mode +3 (VoW) for example. There is an already available announcing message. You cannot nag the players, either.
  10. The server is back on if anyone wants to play.
  11. @hubsyuo, it actually drops. The other day, someone was celebrating in world for getting it after a long farm. He told me that he and his wife were doing the farm together.
  12. Hi @Blatancy. I have a super tip that I always use for leveling. Wait for Boris and get a free char xD.
  13. This has been rejected several times: Though, I would really love it if they did this.
  14. The problem lies in the tier 3 garrison which is not implemented in legion. I have asked around months ago. No interest in scripting it in here, sadly. You can see two other people requesting the camera on two other topics. I hate bringing you down, but I am just letting you know, so you do not get your hopes up. In case you change your mind mind about WoD. You just have to upgrade your garrison to tier 3 which is easy. After than you get the max followers you can get. Then, that is it. Keep checking everything day if you get the camera parts as part of your missions. No requirements for achieving the camera parts, so its a guaranteed drop. You need two parts which you can merge into a toy and use.
  15. @Blurryface, they will not probably add it. Though, you can farm it on WoD realm within one month. If you use it on WoD, it is available on legion, too. By the way, I have it by the way, and I do not even use it anymore.