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  1. Baueris, it would be nicer if you could clarify what you want. Did you donate for an item and did not get it? If that is the case, make a shop support ticket. If that does not help, go on Discord and ask for help there. If that does not help PM one of the admins. Good luck.
  2. Title: Special days promotions Type: In-game Description:  You should start working on special days promotions. Like for example, on 1-2 days of the week you could offer users twice the XP for leveling or twice the artifact power (for legion). Most of the other servers do that. You can already see the decline in population which happened recently. Keep in mind that Boris is only a temporary fix and it does not help that much since you offer it for a short time. You should also start working on balancing classes/specs. I have stopped playing in here for the fact that the developers refuse to work on my only spec that I play which is balance. My moonkin is ilvl910 / 44traits and yet I do 600k on dummies single target which is a joke. Regards.
  3. it is not against the rules to solely farm an item, and if he is being a jerk about it, that is not against the rules either. I have already given you some tips on how to acquire it and drive the player away after giving him a taste of his own medicine. They will not change the behavior of an old NPC just to please people as they want the server to be blizzlike (more or less). Sorry for just blurting out the facts.
  4. They will not change it. Here are some tips, though: 1. Make the following macro and move it into an actionbar and spam it like crazy: /tar Pose /cast *anyinstantspell* This actually takes priority over AoE spells. Yeah, I have tried it myself in MoP. I would stand in a group of AoEing people and still get it. Just make sure your latency is not high. Do it every day until they invite you to farm with them xD. 2. Start your own spamming group every single day to piss the other non-inviting spammers. 3. You can create an account on WoD, which is a dead realm, and go camp it there. This is the best easiest way to acquire it. Off Topic: I rarely use this mount myself.
  5. The thing is you would have provide proof. Use OBS or ShareX to record WoW the next time he does something wrong. Neverlsain is a troll. If you give him attention he will keep doing what he is doing. If you ignore him he will go away for good.
  6. Trolls are trolls. If you add that debuff, they will simply join the raid then leave on start. I am for trying the debuff, though.
  7. You can get the rooster from the Noblegarden custom event. Also, you can buy it currently from AH at 80-100k gold.
  8. If you are willing to pay, try PrivateTunnel or Pingzapper.
  9. The status feature was not that good. It was not linked to the database and was updated manually. So, the normal realm check is far superior:
  10. Hi, I am looking for a guild that has nice people and a good guild master who is willing to kick the not so nice people. Also, it has to be free of drama, or has a guild master who is willing to deal with it. If such guild exists, please let me know.
  11. As a moonkin, I tried doing everything at ilvl906. Though, the problem is, I cannot focus on all three elements. I want to kill the grasp but I have to stop to actually cast my spells. I use my Solar Beam to interrupt but when I try to cast, the mobs are all over me, also the jerk who one-shoots you is following me. I think I need to add more buffs to myself before going in. Get some pots etc. I have added a macro for Solar beam to target and solar beam the grasp. I guess I can add another macro to mass entanglement the mini boss.
  12. Hello Sellybear, well you can see those kind of information on Discord announcements. If you do not see any announcement, then its a crash.
  13. The server is based in France. So, you should not have a high ping, which means the problem is in your connection. You can go ahead and try PingZapper and see if it helps you. It is a paid service, though it has a free trial.
  14. I really hate to say this. Though, Firestorm does not refund lost items. Better luck next time.
  15. One thing that I was thinking about is that we are actually getting the same legendaries over and over, but since they are unique, we do not actually get them. Some legendaries have higher drop chance than others. Two examples of those are the neck and Seph ring which I assume most people got them.