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  1. I have asked on more than one occasion for the developers to fix Elegon's spawning object, on legion and BfA, which would take like 5 minutes. They said they got different priorities. Now, after paying more than 4 million gold on legion to buy the mount on the black market, it is available for free. I cannot replenish the gold I spend on legion, because the realm is not highly populated anymore. Now, whenever I see that mount, I will remember the gold I have wasted. I love FS a lot, but I have to say, this is the first time I have been very disappointed in here. You should have at least given the people who had the mount something else. This would have been fair.
  2. Yeah, I guess you would feel the same, if you have spent more than four million gold to find that they are giving the rare mount to everyone for free. Also, with everyone celebrating this gift, you get nothing. That is fair.
  3. To be honest, that mount is pain to get and only acquirable on MoP and WoD realms. I have tried farming the mount for three months in a row on WoD, then I caved in and camped it on the black market. I have waited around four months before it popped on black market, and I had to pay 4.3m to win, and now it is available for everyone. The mount is supposed to be rare and special :\. Do I at least get some different mount?
  4. Title: Bringing back xmas loot boxes Type: Website Description:  Hello, it would be nice if you bring back the xmas loot boxes to the shop at a reasonable price. Also, it would be awesome if you allow us to buy the Reindeer mount during the event.
  5. Make a ban appeal.
  6. If you are referring to scanning the AH, yeah both TSM and Auctionator have issues doing so. You cannot do it.
  7. I believe the update was rushed. That I agree with. I believe it was rushed because of the population decline. Though, I see the developers fixing the issues very fast. I estimate 3-4 weeks before most of the major issues are handled.
  8. This guide will help answer your questions regarding Darkshore 8.1. Note that Darkshore is currently buggy. Also, the elites/adds hit way too much than they should (from what I saw Youtube and experienced). Plus sometimes there are double spawns. So, you may want to team up with other players. I hope the developers change the damage modifiers for elites to 1/4 or even 1/3, of what they currently at. I also hope the developers fix the bugged items on Darkshore that disappear after use like pets. A. What is Darkshore (8.1) Darkshore is a new 8.1 map that allows you access to 355+ gear, mounts, pets, and toys. Note that the drop rate is very very low. So, if you are planning on gearing your char, do Arathi Highlands instead. B. How do I get to Darkshore 1. As alliance you can head to Stormwind docks, and find the deck with the ship that takes you to Darnassus. You will find a portal to Darnassus there. Use it, then move out of Darnassus, and finally fly to Darkshore. 2. Use the Mount Hyjal portal in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. Then, fly to Darkshore. 3. In the future, a quest will be available that will allow you to unlock the portal to Darkshore in Boralus/Zandalar (near the Arathi Highlands portal). C. I cannot find any players, what do I do You will find huge phasing issues in Darkshore. So, you would have to reset the phase from time to time. This can be accomplished by creating a "Premade Group" then leaving it. Do it whenever you feel you are all alone in Darkshore. Hopefully, those issues will be fixed in the future. D. I cannot find X elite, what do I do Sometimes elites do not spawn at all. Just move on. E. I found the X elite, but it is not attackable. Some elites become attackable during the week where your faction controls the map. Keep in mind that the world boss only becomes attackable when your faction is controlling the map. Currently, it is horde week. It will reset on Wednesday (tomorrow). F. How do I see the elites on map? You can accomplish this with addons. Download and install the following addons: Note: The addons are not Firestorm friendly. You will notice around 5 elites missing (when you are in Darkshore). When you open your quest log, click the new icon. Those missing elites are marked with red icons. Navigate to the following link, and read the first comment. It includes the coords to those missing ones. G. How do I ress when the button does not work? Log out and back, then click the button. If your corpse is gone and you cannot find it, use the spirit healer. H. Do the items actually drop? I have managed to get most of the pets, toys, and one mount so far. I got around 3 items after farming Darkshore elites on multiple characters (not worth the time). Keep in mind that some items disappear on use like: I have personally lost it after farming it on all my chars (a single drop). It was a very painful experience. So, you may want to hold on the items for now and not use them until they are fixed. I. Why cannot I see world quests? World quests are available only when your faction is controlling the map. Good luck.
  9. Here are some rare mounts spawns for those who were asking. Note that those spots are the same and never change. You can find the coords to the bottom right corner of each image. Time-Lost Proto Drake: Rukhmar (Mount + Toy) WoD expansion: See you guys later.
  10. @Fenrisulfr Thanks, buddy. I appreciate it. Thank you for the kind words, guys, I will continue writing and sharing my guides/addons.
  11. Go inside your addons folder and take a screenshot. Then, go inside one of the addons folders, and take another screenshot. Finally, share them here.
  12. You can buy it from shop, or wait until they bring the Boris NPC back. This happens around xmas.
  13. Most of the legion population went to BfA back when it launched. That is because BfA has new content, and people get bored with old content. Many of the players who went to BfA got bored with the expansion and left WoW. The legion realm is not empty like you indicated. It has around 700+ players on peak which is not bad.
  14. Read my reply here:
  15. I have a better suggestion, gamemasters should kick you, then give you a mute on the second offense, only.