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  1. I love the idea. Should be done on legion, too.
  2. I believe a good idea would be to rename all characters on inactive accounts on BfA that have not logged since launch.
  3. It is because people get those on BfA and use them on legion :).
  4. If you are looking for the top dps classes: Refer to that link.
  5. Title: Allowing Greymane Users to Copy to Sylvanas Type: Website Description:  The Greymane realm died when players moved to BfA. So, I am suggesting you guys allow the Greymane players to freely (not mandatory) copy their characters to Sylvanas..You can add the restrictions that would would not enable them to have an advantage over Sylvanas players. Regards.
  6. Here is the updated version. I have removed the event's date check completely because of the more bugged API:
  7. If it is a recent bug, then I do not know anything about it. The heirlooms are supposed to go into the Heirlooms tab and also be available per account. Anyway, if that is the case, I guess you can level a character on WoD, buy all heirlooms and then use your free one-time transfer from WoD to legion. Problem fixed.
  8. You can get those from WoD. You log into the WoD realm (and create any character there), then buy the legs and since they are Bound-on-Account, they become available on legion. Same goes for any heirlooms missing from legion. Good luck leveling.
  9. He could have worded it better. That I agree with.
  10. Any reason why my comment / mini-guide was removed?
  11. @Zerochakra you have to understand something. Firestorm is not like any other WoW server. As you can see on the forums, we can only see your screen/forum name. That is what I love most about Firestorm. In order for someone to hack/crack your account, he must at least have your username(email) to be able to guess/hack the password. In other words, one needs both a username/password to access your account. You have either shared your account with someone or someone accessed your computer after you got some sort of malware. You could have also accessed WoW (or your email) in a public place, too. Though, let us assume that a hacker (or some security professional like me) hacked the server. If that happens, the guy doing it will not stop at one account. He will hack a plenty. You will see too many people complaining, not just one person. So, what you need to do now is do the following: 1. Perform a clean Windows install (if you want). 2. Get MalwareBytes from here: 3. Install it, then perform a full system scan and make sure you have deleted all the stuff it detects. 4. After finishing the scan, go to MalwareBytes settings and disable the run on startup option. Also, disable the real time scan options (since they will be paid). You can try the real-time scan for a short period, but in the end you have to either disable them and or pay for them. 5. Get a decent Anti-Virus software. Panda AV is among the best: Get that one and install it then restart. 6. Change your email password as suggested by Lightdor. 7. Do not share your account details with anyone not even your brother. Do not login into WoW/your email at a public place. 8. Extra step, which I highly recommend. Create a new email account and use it with Firestorm only. P.S. There is an issue with the WoD realm that it shows a Russian IP (mostly on your game logins, on the website. That is normal.
  12. Create a shop support ticket here: They will be able to answer your question.
  13. Title: Adding argus blessing items to legion loot boxes Type: Shop Description:  Hi. It would be nice if you would add argus blessing items to the free loot boxes: This will allow new players to catch up. Also, it will allow old players to get some more for multiple specs..
  14. I do not get what your problem is. If "he" transferred your character to another server, you would still have your character here. Even if the other server chose to remove your character from here, you can go ahead and "undelete" the character using loyalty.
  15. I was just kidding, buddy. Too bad you do not play legion, anymore. Is your head fully recovered?