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  1. Yeah, I have started a thread regarding this issue. No action. Do not hold your breath, it will drop when it drops.
  2. @Ouroboros, hello. Take a look at the report here:горилка/#comment-111857 and this report from hours ago:берлусконни/#comment-112024 The current filters are not thorough. The developers should compile a list of all available shortening services and add them. Here is a regex I found by googling and it contains a lot of the available shortening services: It also detects the urls from the above reports, too. The developer can use that regex and build on it. Also, they can use another regex for matching any link/site for players under a specific level and censor them. Something like: [-a-zA-Z0-9@:%._\+~#=]{2,256}\.[a-z]{2,6}\b([-a-zA-Z0-9@:%_\+.~#?&//=]*) The keyword here is censoring. We do not ban innocent players who link a website, we just censor their messages. Feel free to try both regexes here: On the first link (for the url shortening services) you can test stuff like: It would detect both. On the second link (for all websites) try adding any link. and so on. I hope I made my point clear.
  3. First of all, welcome to Firestorm. Glad to have you here. Now let us discuss your suggestion. So, if I am new to the server or WoW, and I need help, I should just refrain from doing so, until I am level 50? Nah, I will pass, I will move to another server where I can talk, thank you very much. See what happened in here? You just lost 50%+ of the new players. Asking people to provide their cell phone numbers, too? No thank you. I appreciate my privacy and I am not going to put my cell phone number. Now, you just lost more players. Though, wait there is more. If I need to create another account, Should I go and buy more cell phone numbers? Nah, forget it. Though, wait there is more. Cell phones are not that reliable when it comes to verifying a unique identity. Google: virtual cell phone numbers. You will find hundreds. New numbers are provided every week or so. So, all you did was annoy the population while the gold sellers are not affected at all. I am really sorry if I seem pretty straight forward with this. I am just sharing with you, my personal experience. So, what can we do about gold sellers? There are two solutions. On the personal level, you can download an addon called Badboy + Badboy_Levels then set a high level for people who are allowed to whisper you. I have been using that addon for months and I am loving it. I set mine to level 100 for non-DH and 110 for DH. I have not gotten a single gold selling whisper so far. Also, I got rid of 90% of the gold beggars. The second solution would be done by the server's developers. They should create some filters to censor all links from the gold sellers websites and all url shortening sites. They have done the former, but they have not done the latter. Actually, it is better just to go ahead and provide a safe list for the websites the players are allowed to link. Something like wowhead, icyveins, and anything relating to WoW. A small list can be compiled, easily, which can be expanded over time.We can also use a variant of your idea and censor all links from a player whose level is not high enough. Keep in mind that fighting the gold sellers requires a little bit of an effort. Though, with persistence, we can get rid of most of them.
  4. Title: Regarding new staff members Type: In-game Description:  Let me start to say that most of the staff members that I have known in here are very friendly people. Sometimes, they are extremely friendly they do not take extreme actions against abusive people. Though, that is not my topic in here. I want to talk about the new people who join the Firestorm team. Some of them are under the impression that they would join and abuse their game master powers against the players. This already happened to me twice and I am one of the helpful members on this server. So, here is a good idea that will limit those incidents. The new staff members should know that any wrong action they take will hurt him on the personal level. This means if one of them abuses his game master power even if it is a kick, would get his game account banned for days. The more severe the unjustified action, the more days added to the ban. If the new staff members knew that their game account(s) will be affected. They will always do the right action and refrain from abuse.
  5. Some people think it is fun to join the staff to abuse some gamemaster powers. You will see me here joining a chat then getting kicked for no reason by a trial gamemaster that goes by the name of Yohei: I have relogged and demanded an apology for the unjustified kick from the gamemaster, notifying him that I would report him, and he banned me from world chat. So, I bet this is actually someone who had it in for me. This is quite immature. Hopefully the gamemaster would get punished for that behavior. P.S. This is the second time this happened to me.
  6. christmas

    Where is my present D:?
  7. Thanks, @Inveric. Though, after three chests and getting nothing plus seeing how others are not getting anything, that is worth it, I give up. The rates should have been higher since this is a limited offer and it is xmas time. The boxes are very expensive, too. It is ok, though.
  8. i totally agree. The only transformation that I like is the first one I got which is the reindeer. I wish I could get my Loyalty Points back xD.
  9. Try getting it from the NPC in your main city (Cosmeticicator is the name of the NPC) on another character. The visuals are available on account.
  10. I did not quite understand you. If you cannot right click the flask, read my second note on the guide. 2. If you cannot right click the item, close the WoW client completely and delete the Cache folder, then try again (Thanks, Bestial)
  11. @beba, read this guide: Also, if you have read the comments on the first page by me, you would have known what you were getting.
  12. Yeah the druid forms remove them. I doubt you can use those within dungeons/bgs/raids anyways, so.
  13. Thank you so much for this, deathviewer. I have got three boxes and I am regretting it already.
  14. No, there is a reindeer mount, though I do not know if it drops from those boxes or not.