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  1. Trolls are trolls. If you add that debuff, they will simply join the raid then leave on start. I am for trying the debuff, though.
  2. You can get the rooster from the Noblegarden custom event. Also, you can buy it currently from AH at 80-100k gold.
  3. The status feature was not that good. It was not linked to the database and was updated manually. So, the normal realm check is far superior:
  4. As a moonkin, I tried doing everything at ilvl906. Though, the problem is, I cannot focus on all three elements. I want to kill the grasp but I have to stop to actually cast my spells. I use my Solar Beam to interrupt but when I try to cast, the mobs are all over me, also the jerk who one-shoots you is following me. I think I need to add more buffs to myself before going in. Get some pots etc. I have added a macro for Solar beam to target and solar beam the grasp. I guess I can add another macro to mass entanglement the mini boss.
  5. Hello Sellybear, well you can see those kind of information on Discord announcements. If you do not see any announcement, then its a crash.
  6. They are not crashing the server buddy. The crash is a side effect of scripting new stuff. We want new stuff, they add new stuff every couple of weeks. Then, they fix the bugs that arise.
  7. If it went like you said exactly, you should go ahead and make a shop ticket here:
  8. Introduction This is a mini-guide to help people get the reputation that is required, to fly in legion maps, the easy way. Original Factions You are required to reach "revered" with: Court of Farondis Highmountain Tribe The Nightfallen The Dreamweavers The Valarjar The Wardens In order to get the reputation. You have to farm world quests. Though, we all get lazy since there are many quests and the terrain in legion is horrible. First of all you need to discover the maps which is part of the pathfinder requirement and in doing so, discover the flight path points, too. That will allow you to reach the world quests easier. You need to do the emissary quests whenever they become available to you. In order to do them, you need to complete 4 world quests in the map they are on. Those emissary quests give you 4500 reputation with the faction on the map. That is where you will get most of the reputation required. The second thing you need to do is check the maps for any blue bubbles (quests). Make those your top priority since most of them give you 750 reputation (as opposed to the red normal quests which give you 225 only). You do not even have to do the normal quests (if you are lazy). Just keep doing the emissaries and blue bubbled quests. New Faction You will also need the Armies of Legionfall reputation for the pathfinder 2 achievement which is also required for flying. Do the emissaries for the legionfall rep always. Also, there are a lot of hidden quests on the legion map if you want to farm the reputation. A lot of the quests in the Broken Shore map (legionfall reputation) give you Legionfall War Supplies. You can use the supplies at the Deliverance Point (south of the Broken Shore map) on the construction table to participate in the construction of three things. Just place any amount in any of those three options. Each 100 supplies grant you an Artifact Power item plus around 450 reputation. You can get revered with the legionfall really fast doing so. Also, if you have a friend who already has flying plus a flying mount, you can ask him to tag along when he is doing the quests. This will go faster.
  9. Ok, today I have logged into both my accounts and my items were returned to me by mail. Thanks to whomever helped fix the issue especially Beastial. I guess I can try my luck with my Boris character. Maybe I can get someone to allow me to recreate the character.
  10. You can go ahead and close the thread,Cigatronix I know I am not getting my items back. I have already reported it since the transfer. To make things worse, I have created a Boris alt today and logged out before the restart. When the system restarted I logged back in and saw that I have lost bags / items(gear) / free visual item and the level 110 achievement. After wasting nine hours of my time on the Noblegarden Event and not getting anything in return other than the 300 compensation (where people already spent the points and I did not). The Boris character is the final straw. I am very disappointed in Firestorm. I might take a break from WoW soon.
  11. Read the original post. They said allied races not allowed.
  12. They said allied races are not allowed buddy.
  13. Is it bugged again. I cannot create a character this time.
  14. The FPS is caused by the client Katanax. Firestorm has nothing to do with it. Blame it on those horrible people are Blizzard who cannot make a patch to solve this issue. Do not expect a patch from Blizzard, since they are moving with BFA.
  15. You need a VPN service that has open gaming ports. There is a few of them. Try PrivateTunnel. It is paid, though it has some locations with open gaming ports.