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  1. Are you the only person using your connection? Do you use a wired or wireless connection? If you are using a wireless connection used a cable or sit near the router and see if that makes a difference.
  2. You were probably bugged. Relog to see the right race. Do you happen to remember the name?
  3. Title: Option to change non-accessible emails Type: Website Description:  Hello, I have an account of mine on which the email was flagged by the mail provider, and I have been struggling with them to try and recover it. It would be really nice if you add the option to change those unaccessible emails. The solution is simple. You add an extra option on the profile, which states that the email is not accessible and the server sends an email to that address. If the email bounces with delivery failure, you allow the player to change the email. Note that I have asked a gamemaster about it and he said that only admins can change emails, then I was told only LeganX can do it (by a high tier staff member), I have been stuck with this issue for months now. So, if you decide against my suggestion, I would highly appreciate it if you contact me with a solution. Regards and thanks.
  4. I believe for legion you need the "Firestorm" addon for those to show (I may be wrong). You can only claim the reward when someone reaches max level and not before that. You can only recruit a single friend per account.
  5. Get the full BfA torrent. Streaming the client through the minimal client will take forever.
  6. Remove both addons. Quit the client and login back on.
  7. Can you restart the realm, please? Thanks.
  8. I believe it does. The other day I saw some people talk about it in world_en on BfA. You need the addon called Firestorm (should be available in the torrent), and you follow the guide above. Note that the guide was actually written for legion (7.3).
  9. Move closer to the router or use cable. That is mostly it. If that does not help, let me know.
  10. Title: Auction House Cut Type: In-game Description:  Hello, the AH takes a huge cut of gold on each purchase (15%), that is because FS uses the shared AH for auctions. Since FS tries to emulate retail, I suggest you guys to change the AH to the faction AH instead, or modify the AH cut to 5% like it is supposed to be. Thanks.
  11. Title: Coin Mining For Firestorm Type: Website Description:  There are plenty of sites out there that provide web coin mining options for donations. It would nice for Firestorm to provide an option for players to open a simple page and mine coins for Firestorm in exchange for FP/LP points. This will give players who cannot donate the option to earn some points. Also, since we have over 6000 players on peak, imagine how much coins can Firestorm earn. Regards.
  12. Title: Filtering offensive words in world chat Type: In-game Description:  Hello, it would be really awesome if you could filter vulgar language in world chat. The system is already implemented to filter words like Firestorm. You just need to add words like the F word, etc. This would clean the world chat greatly and also reduce the work that the gamemasters/chat managers need to do. You also need to add the accented words because some player would attempt to bypass it by using accent letters. Regards. P.S. I know there is a mature filter available on WoW. Though, the suggestion above would reduce toxicity in world chat.
  13. I do not play shamans myself, but it was nice of you to write this topic.
  14. I doubt they have scripted this. Just farm some argunite after doing the argus chain quest, then buy the 910+ trinkets with this currency. I personally got 925 trinkets from those (not always).
  15. I am kind of curious. Why do people keep requesting this? I find those shoulders to be very ugly.