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  1. I do not get what your problem is. If "he" transferred your character to another server, you would still have your character here. Even if the other server chose to remove your character from here, you can go ahead and "undelete" the character using loyalty.
  2. I was just kidding, buddy. Too bad you do not play legion, anymore. Is your head fully recovered?
  3. I am currently at ilvl 957, can I join?
  4. Is it only for Russian people, or can anyone participate. I am just kidding. Good luck with the event.
  5. 1. Introduction There is an addon called HandyNotes that I use a lot on several occasions. The addon allows you to mark spots of interest on maps. I have used this addon to mark all the discovered custom eggs spots. If you are late to this event, let me tell you all about it. The event spawns custom NPCs (golden eggs) called "Easter Egg" and they allow you to click them (only one time per realm/account). 2. Installation A. Close the WoW client. B. Download the HandyNotes (legion, if you are using BfA get the BfA version) addon (if you do not have it already) from the following link: C. Place the extracted addon folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns D. Download this file: Then, copy it into \World of Warcraft Legion\WTF\Account\YOUR-WOW-EMAIL\SavedVariables Note: if you have used HandyNotes before and you have your own HandyNotes.lua file, back it up first. 3. Usage After logging into the game, press M then right click to zoom out to continents, you will see the eggs marked as blue squares on continent maps. Zoom into the maps with squares and you will see their exact spots. Sometimes, the eggs are within sub-maps like dalaran sewers and start areas. Do not worry. For those you will see orange circle icons pointing you to the right direction. Also, make a macro (/tar Easter Egg) and spam it near the blue squares to find the eggs. 4. Rewards You can get loyalty points (1-5 points per egg), artifact power (700k-1.8b per egg), some visual head items (you can get from the normal event), and the following: Egbert's Egg Noblegarden Bunny Magic Rooster Egg 5. Outro I would like to thank the players from the following thread: Who made this possible. Regards. If you like this guide, let me know. Important: It is said that they will change the eggs locations (did not happen yet). So, use the guide fast. The Snowfeather Hunter mount is available for legion/BfA only and you can get it from both expansions. Note that you can farm the eggs on legion and BfA both, for more chances to get the mount. There will be some missing eggs (BfA maps) since I do not play BfA. Feel free to use the spreadsheets from the page above to find them.
  6. You can buy the horse in Old Town in Stormwind near the training dummies. Though, what is the link you added in your post?
  7. In the future.
  8. While this would be a nice idea. It probably will not happen because of "GM halp someone stole my Firestorm points" problems. I doubt GMs will be able to handle this headache. On the other hand, if they develop it so the purchase is verified by an email confirmation link or (even better) a cell phone number code. This could work.
  9. Avast is a crappy AV when it comes to performance and even detection. If you want to use Avast go ahead and add the WoW exe or folder to the list of exclusions on your AV. You will find the option to exclude in your Settings. If you want my opinion, get Panda Dome Free (AV). It is light weight and has a very high detection ratio. While I suspect that this issue is related to the AV in question. I am not 100% sure. So, feel free to try out what I said. The FS developers will mostly not be able to provide a solution if it is the AV. You either exclude or find another solution. Regards.
  10. This is being worked on by one of the developers. Just be patient and remember bugs belong to the bugs tracker.
  11. Title: [Legion] Cross faction raids/dungeons/etc Type: In-game Description:  I think this is the proper time for enabling crossfaction support for content because of the population decline. People are already feeling the decline in legion and complaining about it. If people get tired of the BfA content and come to an empty legion realm, FS will be highly affected. Regards.
  12. All items carried over from legion are flagged as BoA including pieces of cloth and even potions.
  13. I have no idea. I do not play BfA.
  14. Yeah, that (copying limitation) is one of the two reasons I am not going to play BfA, at the moment. The other being the skins.
  15. Anything that was copied into BfA cannot be sold, traded, or auctioned. I do not know about ore being smelted into bars. Did you perhaps have a bar of the ore copied and when you smelted the ore, the smelted bars went into the bar's stack making them also BoA? I was told by people you could create items with the mats and sell them. Me myself I am not planning on playing BfA anytime soon.