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  1. Here are some rare mounts spawns for those who were asking. Note that those spots are the same and never change. You can find the coords to the bottom right corner of each image. Time-Lost Proto Drake: Rukhmar (Mount + Toy) WoD expansion: See you guys later.
  2. @Fenrisulfr Thanks, buddy. I appreciate it. Thank you for the kind words, guys, I will continue writing and sharing my guides/addons.
  3. Go inside your addons folder and take a screenshot. Then, go inside one of the addons folders, and take another screenshot. Finally, share them here.
  4. You can buy it from shop, or wait until they bring the Boris NPC back. This happens around xmas.
  5. Most of the legion population went to BfA back when it launched. That is because BfA has new content, and people get bored with old content. Many of the players who went to BfA got bored with the expansion and left WoW. The legion realm is not empty like you indicated. It has around 700+ players on peak which is not bad.
  6. Read my reply here:
  7. I have a better suggestion, gamemasters should kick you, then give you a mute on the second offense, only.
  8. Did you download the right versions for the addons? Note that you need to extract the content of the addons into: YourWoWFolder\Interface\AddOns For example, if you are to download this addon: and extract it into the addons folder, it would be like this: YourWoWFolder\Interface\AddOns\HandyNotes NOT like this: YourWoWFolder\Interface\AddOns\HandyNotes\HandyNotes
  9. Yes, you can. My friend told me he got it on BfA, and also linked me the the achievement. He has been trying for seven years. You just need to be lucky. Do the dungeon on all your characters that can queue for the dungeon on all realms.
  10. I did not have any issues switching between old and new versions. Kiwy had the same issue you have, though. Here is his solution to the issue. 1. Talk to Zidormi to change the timeline to the one before the wound. 2. Move to Un'Goro Crater. 3. Log out then log back in. 4. Move back to Silithus. 5. If this does not work, repeat Step 1-4 Kiwy told me that it took him two tries to get back to the old Silithus. Thanks, @Miolaro. I appreciate it.
  11. This is a mini-guide for Hallow's End event. 1. The Headless Horseman Dungeon Finder During the event, you will find the option to queue for The Headless Horseman dungeon finder. Press I, then change Type into The Headless Horseman. This dungeon will allow you access to a cool mount and some 335 ilvl rings. The three following items, drop only from (daily reward from the dungeon): I have not seen them drop from the boss, at all, during my dungeon finder farm. On the other hand, the rings drop from the boss. So, feel free to farm them until you get two of them to (boost your ilvl). In order to make the farming easier for you, I decided to share my macros. First of all, select The Headless Horseman dungeon in the dungeon finder, then create the following two macros: /click LFDQueueFrameFindGroupButton /click LFGDungeonReadyDialogEnterDungeonButton and /run LeaveParty() Finally, pull the two macros into your actionbars. Use the first macro to queue for the dungeon finder. When the queue pops, to confirm you are joining, click the macro again to confirm. After completing the dungeon, click the second macro, to leave the dungeon, then repeat. You only need to select the Headless Horseman dungeon once, after each login. Note that the boss can bug. So, you need to go and kill the head, until it returns to the boss, and then do it all over again. This may take up to six tries. Though, if you kill the head and the boss cannot be killed, you need to leave the dungeon and retry. You can queue for the boss at a very low level. If you have low level alts, farm the reward bag (for extra chances for the mount). Note that the drop chance for mount is really low. Feel free to farm the bag on multiple realms, if you want. If you acquire the mount and use it on legion, it will become available on BfA. Note: Do not attempt to merge the two macros above. This will result in you getting a deserter debuff. 2. Farming Tricky Treats is Hallow's End currency. You may use it to buy a lot of items: Do NOT waste the currency on: (can be acquired from buckets, reward bags, and bought from auction house). (can be bought from the shop, for loyalty points). (can be acquired from reward bags and it disappears after the event). (can be acquired from buckets and reward bags). Here is what I recommend you buy: Now, in order to farm the currency, you need to find the Hallow's End buckets on your maps. I have fixed the HandyNotes Hallows End addon to work for Firestorm. You need to download the base Handynotes addon first from: Download the version for current game client(s). If you don't know how, follow Alan's guide here: After that, download my fixed addon (download only one): Legion Version: Battle for Azeroth 8.0.1 Version: Install both the base Handynote addon and my addon, then run the game and you will be able to see the buckets on maps/world map. Note that once you get a bucket, it disappears from map. 3. The Title You can finally get the Hallowed title, this year, on BfA. You need this achievement for the title: Note: One of the quests, that is required for the achievement above, is bugged on legion: Though, do not worry. All you need to do, is finish the following achievement on BfA: Then, you would have the title on both legion and BfA. That is because the main achievement is account wide. P.S. This will most likely be my last guide, because of the toxic feedback, that I receive from some players regarding my guides (plus the lack of appreciation). If I receive positive feedback, I will reconsider.
  12. Title: Filtering Forum Threads Links Type: Website Description:  Some people advertise stuff on the forums, from time to time. I do not know if they are using those links to infect the players or not. Though, this can be remedied. All you need to do is make a whitelist of allowed domains for links. We only need to allow Firestorm links, Wowhead, Curseforge, and one file hosting website of your choice. Regards.
  13. You need a gm to help you with that. Make a ticket on a different account and ask for help.
  14. This issue is now resolved. Thanks a lot.
  15. It is just a visual error. Do not worry. Your ticket is still there. Just be patient.