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  1. We had a vanilla realm in here. We had a decent population for it, too. That is because FS promised FP for whomever reaches max level before a specific date. After people got their FP, they left. The population was down to 2-5 players by the end. I have personally tried this realm myself and it got on my nerves. I doubt FS will ever have a vanilla realm again unless Blizzard releases the promised vanilla remake.
  2. It is not that. I am just hoping you've remembered the one million dollars I have lent you, when you had that head injury :P.
  3. Sounds like a fun event. Though, the last time they did a racing event, people rolled monks for the extra speed. Then, all winners were monks.
  4. Hello Yahsirou, it has been a long time since I saw you ingame. Did you stop playing WoW or did you just stop playing your druid :)?
  5. Title: Allowing Players to Get The Reindeer Mount on Shop Type: Shop Description:  Hi, it would be nice to allow the players to get the Reindeer mount during the xmas event on shop for both loyalty points / gold points. I have waited for the event here: I was watching world chat one hour before the announcement and I have whispered all five gamemasters, but I did not have much luck at being invited. So, to be fair, I believe the Reindeer mount should be added for all the players on the shop, at least during xmas. Thanks for your time.
  6. Actually, according to Q and A they allow for the transfer of 10k gold only per character.
  7. This will not happen because we have a large population on alliance and horde sides. I would love it myself, though. The problem with cross-faction is the cross-faction PvP. When people try to ress others in cross-factions outside instances, that ticks off people and it causes so many problems.
  8. It is a bannable offense to ress in front of raids/dungeons. One of the GMs stated that the other day.
  9. Since the release of the new wing. There is a new lag associated with it. I have tried the Aggramar encounter around 8-10 times. Two of those tries were very laggy, I could chat without issues but I could not cast any spells. People complained a lot about this issue and hopefully you will fix it.
  10. @XXO, I think you are right about the latency, My latency is also at 200ms now. I did not notice it before.
  11. There are two factors that cause lag. Your hardware and your connection. If you have a graphics card that cannot handle legion, simply lower your Settings. Though, in your case, I believe it is your connection. Do a speed test to France, and see how much you got. Do not perform a local/country speed test. There are some solutions that might help your latency if you believe your connection is not at fault. Try this service: Keep in mind that 200ms is not bad and I speak from experience on other games.
  12. Is this a question or a complaint?
  13. Can you allow WoTLK->WoTLK migrations, too. That would be really awesome.
  14. There are not much moonkins left. Most of the druids are feral. I saw a feral druid doing two to three million AoE dps on a dungeon. He also did 1-2m single target dps. He was at ilvl914. Seriously man? It is like the developers are against moonkins or something.