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  1. Are you actually insaine? wtf did i just read VW
  2. I dont have time to wait for them,people need heals!
  3. same here
  4. Tebra pesma ti do jaja ^^
  5. yeah
  6. well i'd like a small gift for waiting on their server to get fixed,could have done allot in 4 hrs,so yea,a "small' gift would be lovely
  7. i agree
  8. yep
  9. You are a death knight...
  10. <<Arms Warrior
  11. This got me good,since i was 2 minutes away from getting my Shadowmourne for transmog,looks like i ain't seeing that happening soon.
  12. so it's confirmed? all item's are safe?
  13. He could have done that will ashran was up,and the begining or near end of wod,so i don't think its the case here,still im shaking here if it is indeed that case...
  14. Jesus Christ i hope its not what happened to molten