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  1. Funny, Bugtracker feels quite empty about Uldir reports. I wonder why.
  2. Finish the nazmir questline first, then you can start another questline.
  3. Did you check your mailbox?
  4. I assume you can see only your faction mount, of the character you selected.
  5. A pack always spawns dephending on how many you have killed, If you kill 7 packs at a time, ofcouse they will spawn at the same time.
  6. I dont see whats wrong in the video, mind explaining?
  7. Nighthold first wing is already released for testing on all Diffs including Mythic., without any loot or Achievments
  8. What would have happend to it?
  9. Yes. Both for Nightbane and Midnight.
  10. You tested it only 17 times? Shame on you tweek.
  11. Lets sum all you tried to report, Tirathon Saltheril - didnt see any meteors maybe since high dps What meteors? You mean Fel Mortar? his glaive toss stuck at other side of fountain in room Can you send a screenshot next time it happens? For me, the glavie always correctly rotates around the room. didnt notice shield maybe due to dps Dark Stride effect can be avoided by using any Damage Mitigation Spells/Effects. So thats maybe why you didnt see it, Or you really managed to burtn the boss down (Easily done on Lower Mythic Diffs) probably trash rate spawn also too big I dont understand this one, Trash mobs from the Cells, or around the room? Reading the rest, I am reading alot that you burned the bosses down in matter of seconds, so ofcourse you cant expect to see everything, next time, Please, take your time and slowly progress on the bosses if you want to make a report about Mechanics not working (Not saying that slaying bosses fast is bad, It also can lead to bugs that were not found before) But since you seem to do it anyway.
  12. Posted by Watcher There's a fair bit of confusion around how item level of end-game rewards works in Legion - understandable, since we haven't really gone into detail about how the system works, instead focusing on high-level goals and philosophies. Let me take a crack at changing that.Scaling vs. Static Item Level - "Anything Can Happen"This came up in the first Legion Q&A a couple of weeks ago, but in past expansions, the endgame item structure has always been defined by a rigid series of flat plateaus. In Warlords, Normal dungeon loot was Item Level 615. Heroic dungeon loot was 630. Normal Highmaul was 655. And so forth. Once you had Raid Finder gear or better, there was zero value to items from dungeons. In patch 6.2, Tanaan Jungle only offered Baleful items that could be empowered up to item level 695. If you were a Hellfire Citadel raider, setting out to do Tanaan dailies (to unlock flying, let's say), there was zero chance that anything could happen during that play session that might make your character stronger. And in a game underscored by progression, that's a shame.In essence, Legion changes those flat item-level plateaus into peaks that taper up to a global max potential item level.When you earn an item from nearly any endgame source (dungeon, raid, world quest, PvP strongbox, mission, etc.), it has a chance of upgrading its quality. When looking at information on your rewards in sources like the Dungeon Journal or World Quest display, you'll see these items with a "+" next to their item level, indicating this chance to upgrade (e.g. the Dungeon Journal for Heroic Legion dungeons showing "Item Level 825+").While there's a bunch of math behind it all, this may be a useful way of thinking about it: When generated, these items have a chance to roll a +5 item level bonus. If that roll succeeds, the system rolls again for another +5 bonus. If that succeeds, it rolls again. This process continues until an upgrade roll fails or the global item-level ceiling is reached. That's it. And so, in Legion, even if you're a raider, if your friend is looking for someone to queue Heroic dungeons, you have an extra motivation to volunteer aside from pure altruism. You probably won't get an upgrade. But you might. Anything could happen. Following this ofcouse, there is a set hard cap for current content by Dev, so people wont get 925 out of Normal Dungeon(Or any high Mythic + Keystone), However, it is possible to reach 885 ilvl item from Normal Dungeon, If you are lucky enough.