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  1. Well i;e tried the relog/reload/alt+f4 and then enter again and nope this is just not working for me, grinded my achievment for flying so atlest thats nice!
  2. well in my case there is a trird option - just blanc white window opens, any ideas ?
  3. Hi all. I have several question in regards of the 7.2/7.3/7.3.5 update that recently took place on the server: Will there be a changelog for the new implementation? And if there will be, when? Legion Assaults - they work I think, I've completed several of them, but they are not shown on the map as WQ and also do the end 3 man scenario work? Professions - when will be some of the profs fixed - cries in 700 jewelcrafting.. Nightborn - is the race mount obtainable - it's a quest reward ~mi want da manasaber~ Is there a list of the working Mage Tower scenarios? Well this pretty much sums up my questions.