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  1. #Felbatforawox 1Like=1Felbat
  2. Nice to see that there is still some PvE on WoD going. Wouldn't it be for Prophecy on Legion, QA stuff or the lack of Content (running BRF HC 1 year can make someone tired). With that said I really don't think I would return to early unless there is HFC working . Regardless... I wish you luck with maintaining the Community as it is.
  3. pve

    <Prophecy>, the Leading PvE Guild on the Realm "Gul'dan" has Returned and is Recruiting once again. With the announcement of the cross-faction system on the Warlords of Draenor Realm we'd like to announce our come back. Created back in June 2015 as an International Progress minded PvE guild. Prophecy offers you a Stable Raid environment, well experienced Leaders and Players from all corners of the World. Just like in previous WoD Raids, Prophecy's goal is to be the dominant PvE guild on Gul'dan. This also means we're looking to clear HFC bosses before anyone else on all difficulties. Current Raidtimes are: Tuesday - 7:00PM Servertime Sunday - 7:00PM Servertime In order to join our guild, We have some requirements that you need to have in order to join us: All players must have at least an Item Level of 680 to join in, alts excluded. Any evidence of your previous Raiding experience (preferably a BRF or HFC Raid achievement). Must know tactics on every boss. If you don't know a tactic on a certain boss, better ask for help from an officer or at least watch a guide on the boss. We don't want to see new members screwing up on their first day, now won't we? When in Raid, It’s Mandatory to have Discord and DBM/Bigwings. If you are interested to join in, make sure you whisper one of the Officers In-game and tell them a bit about your PvE experience so far. Hope to see you in Prophecy Sincerely, Dasdudu
  4. Did someone said: Buff Resto Druid?
  5. <Prophecy> Leading PVE guild on the Realm Grommash is recruiting. Prophecy was formed by “Treckie” and “Dasdudu” on 26. June 2015 as a International PvE Guild on Grommash. We are oriented Mainly on PvE. Some people never played Warlords of Draenor before and we had to spend some time to become the best Raiding Guild on Grommash. To check our full progress (time attack and rank on bosses) check the PVE ranking on Firestorm: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/community/guild/5/8/1782
  6. such a Chaos but you still doing a good job
  7. World Server still down >_<
  8. Hey