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  1. where is dat felbat doe?
  2. xDD someone give him free DH lessons pls :D. I really want to see his keybinds. pretty sure he is a clicker DH who doesn't know what a kick means and how to lockdown a caster class
  3. had a good laugh even in retail you're not supposed to be able to kill a healer in 1v1 at the same skills level. you just really need to learn how to crowd control while playing and you will see the difference. making threads and saying: OMG GE EM plis dis is bugd 100% fix nao ! omg is not helping anyone. if you want it fixed you can find what's wrong and report it to bug tracker. if it's game breaking it will be give priority and fixed asap. the process is pretty logical, no idea why people can't understand this.
  4. You need high current rating to get high item level gear from rated pvp.You should read a bit about the legion gearing system and base item levels. I got 885 item level item even without having high rating.
  5. GM commands don't work while in cross-realm.
  6. Honor talents are being worked on and the process is quite fast. Assa rogue is getting fixed as we speak. There will be no lack of content because soon we will have new one like world quests and mythic dungeons and it will work properly unlike other servers. The fixes made here are much higher quality than other places (saying it from personal experience). If people want to move they are free to do it. The developers we have are some of the best I have seen in all the private servers I've played. But yet it's only my opinion.
  7. Gladiator titles are removed after the next season ends. They stay only for the duration of the next season after you got it.
  8. There will be more PvE content and mythic mode for available dungeons and other stuff soon and it's planned. It can't just happen straight away because it has to be worked on and tested before released.
  9. Marks work and marked shot works too. Spell devs were working on other classes and now hunters got a few too. Rogues have combat points bug and rupture does 10k damage and it's like that for few months but people wait, others rage but it won't make things go faster.
  10. Hunter's mark is fixed, demo pets are getting worked on at the moment. Tickets are added to a board and usually spells are fixed class by class and not randomly chosen. Get some patience. For the last 8 days there were around 30 spell/general fixes made which is much faster than it was in cycle 1 and things will get faster when this method get's worked on in the future.
  11. Classes are getting fixed daily. There is always someone like you that is not happy with the fixes and what's not worked on. Old content won't be fixed for now except some necessary things because Legion content is priority. There are people who prioritize fixes and they are doing a good job for now but fixing certain spells is harder than others. Professions are disabled for a reason but will work soon. All of the classes have at least 1 spec that is working pretty good and does good damage. If you refuse to temporary play another spec but blame the developers instead, you're just ignorant prick.
  12. There are already new developers working on WoD and MoP and separate devs working on Legion. Every expansion has it's own developers and is not left like that.
  13. MM hunter's mark is fixed. Gonna be applied with next update. There will be fixes for BGs too, soon.
  14. Did it boost your real life ego much?
  15. you brain is low m8. l2read pls