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  1. Requirements: (If you don't have these, I can't help you) - WoW version 6.1.2 (So basically the version we all played on before the newest 6.2.3 update was released) - A Battlenet account , with Battlenet launcher . ( - A portable hard disk spacious enough to hold 2x WoW folders lol P.S: If launcher deleted your whole game and you don't have a copy of 6.1.2 saved somewhere , then apparently devs can't help you nor can I , you will have to redownload the whole game again and this guide won't help. Steps: 1- Go to where your World Of Warcraft folder is located (Probably Program Files x86) , Copy and Paste it on your hard disk in a new folder called "6.1.2 Copy". It usually takes 20 -25 minutes. 2- Now that you have your 6.1.2 copy in a safe place, you can open the BattlenetLauncher (Downloaded from the link above) Wait until the "Starting" bar loads up. 3- Login with your Battlenet account 4- When you open it it will tell you something like "Your WoW folder has been detected. Tick the game for auto updates". Make sure you UNTICK WoW and continue (We don't want auto-updates) 5- You will see a big button called "Update". Click it and wait until it updates your game to the latest version (which is 6.2.3) It's around 2.8 - 3GB so you have to wait until everything is downloaded correctly. You will know if you see a button called "Play" 6- Now that you have finished your download, you can close Battlenet launcher.And now Step 2 again - Copy and paset your World of warcraft folder on your hard disk, this time in a folder called "6.2.3 Copy". Now that you have both WoW copies: 7- Open your firestorm launcher wait for it to update. At the same time, go to your WoW folder , right click it , and go to properties. The size of the folder has to be 30 GB + , if it's reduced to less than 5 GB , then you have to close everything, take the 6.2.3 copy of your hard disk and replace your low-size WoW folder with it. If that happened, download the newest Firestorm launcher from Firestorm's website and run it again . (This time, it will probably ask you to identify your WoW folder, when you do , repeat the step 7.) 8- When it says "Play" in the firestorm launcher , click it and it will open . If you get a few d/cs after choosing a character to log in with , keep logging in until you are playing Post here if you have any problems or errors, I'm actually sad to see that no staff member suggested that (Maybe 1 of them did but in a 20 page post , and not News/Annoucements section) Just FYI, I figured this method alone.
  2. Actually scratch the second part of my post, apparently we have to download the whole game again Probably leaving here anyway :3
  3. Gratz on making Taranzhu staff roster but I would prefer if you can come back to Grommash. Also, we can yes only if you tell me how to play with redownloading the whole game ^,^
  4. Can you stop posting bullshit posts with no meaning whatsoever just to increase your post count ? You don't even know what you're talking about .
  5. Firestorm launcher deletes your whole game. What do you mean no ?
  6. 0 lol