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  1. Yeahhhhhh what do you plan to do regarding everyone who got pvp titles, weapon illusions (glorious tyranny, demonic tyranny), mounts, etc on greymane? It was more competitive and more popular imo, to get rid of all the things players were grinding for would be a rank 1 cuck. At least let the enchants be account wide or something.
  2. I had 2k+ on both my warrs on greymane and sylvanes yet I still can't get any of the elite gear from the new vendors, wp FS
  3. Yeah Im with all of you guys, the ladder seemed wrong after I got spammed by a "gladiator" that was 1950 rating on same faction as me, and i was 200 rating higher and I got duelist. At least there were no mounts given out.
  4. Mates the server will be back up and running tomorrow-ish (December 18) around 12 AM, so you shouldn't worry about it chaps! They are making some pretty hefty changes and need some time to really get the server in tip-top shape. Cheers! -Hallicon
  5. Honestly mate i wish i knew, but i am having the same bloody problem. We can just hope Ashran gets on this as soon as possible. All we can do is wait man.