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  1. As they say: BG hero, AT 0. Fully buffed with a pocket healers, stacking Death Wish. This won't fly in arena above 1.5k. You should consider cutting off your pinkey with a razer naga
  2. Go to Argus and get those 5ilvl traits with all 3 relics @ Vindicaar's Netherlight Crucible. Then relog, go to your Class Hall and then try to pick traits. If that doesn't help, switch specs and relog. If that doesn't help, keep respecing and reloggin' untill it does.
  3. Did you just made a Legion world-PvP video ? Oh sweet Jesus...we'r already 7.3 patch into this expansion. Is this just me or is it really this hard to realise that dmg-scaling is completely broken outside of PvP instances ?
  4. Hello, I'm basically stuck as I abandoned quests in Stormheim by accident and I can't get at the Thorim's Peak now to pick up the quest from some Dragon. I've done a research and according to Blizzard's GM response at their forum, you supposed to get there with no problem using a dragon called Vethir which is located at Lorna's Watch in Stormheim. The dragon has 3 options to chose from yet not a single one of them works. The entire quest chain is undoable in this state. In advance - I can't submit an In-game ticket since I get error. And yes, I run game thro the Firestorm Launcher, and yes I have both Firestorm and GM ticket addons enabled. The bugged dragon that should take me to Thorim's Peak is bugged and there is already an report at Bugtracker which I also upvoted and commented. The issue could be resolved by teleporting my character to Thorim's Peak where I can pick up the quest - sinc there is litteraly no other way to get there. Realm: Sylvanas Charracter name: Imsoproumad