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  1. Good luck IRL.
  2. Leave the raid and go back in , the teleporter is at the start .
  3. It was a server issue , I believe it's fixed now ?
  4. When the new PVP season comes , they will be reset but not when 6.2 patch is here . (New pvp season date is unknown yet ) And it seems the server is down , this is why you're getting an error #2.
  5. You have to do all the starter quests of Death Knights..
  6. Well there isn't any way at the moment, not until they fix the achievement..
  7. The unstuck feature won't work for your issue, you have to write an in-game ticket for a GM to assist you !
  8. When you log in game , from the list of servers, you will see a PTR Realm. On this realm they test things and changes before releasing it on Monday on the live servers.
  9. It's not possible because achievements/dungeons are not correctly working.
  10. Like I said, write an in-game ticket for a GM to assist you
  11. Thank you for these points. 1- A x64 launcher is available , they said they'll release a x32 version soon. 2- Indeed , with the new launcher , Patience is key . Like you said , don't rush things. 3- The rates here are x5. One of (Or THE) main reason for that is that a lot of quests are bugged but the leveling here is not very hard , 3 days you can get to level 100 if you know what you're doing. Sure WoD quests and garrisons still need a lot of work but there are alot of working dungeons and Highmaul is working as well. 4- There are vote points rewards but at the moment there's only gold, I'm sure they'll add other rewards soon enough. All in All, there is alot of bugged contents here but like you said it's a private server and you're playing for free. The good thing about this that I haven't seen any other private server work as hard as these guys here and offer changelogs once a week . They are up to date and try to get everything working . Levelling isn't hard here once you get used to it believe me , I have quite alot of characters level 100 made in a few days .
  12. You have to contact a head game master ( and + ) of this expansion (You can check the staff roster in these forums) and provide your account name , character names and email Good luck !
  13. Locked and Archived.
  14. qvery

    Thank you for reporting these bugs (I think you're reporting them ..) , but when the bugtracker becomes available (link is on the first page of the forums, at the bottom) you will have to write them there