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  1. when i use torrent file,it just says its corrupted and doesnt let me download it or anything...
  2. ♥Maker of the Event♥ ™♥The Transmog Challenge 2 of 2017♥™ ♥™(((The Transmog Challenge 2))) Do you have the best transmog in this server and want to prove it and win 200k gold if you really are? Send me a pic of your Transmog on Skype:Loaivip Kik:Loaivip..™♥ (MoP only)
  3. hello...so there's this player who kept following me for for a week...he got me banned 3 time in WEEK. and hes not doing it for the sake of the server hes just doing it to bully. and i even have ecidence that himself said it. player name:Vaeldis.Valdraa here's the evidence
  4. hello

    Hello i'm neoly. i didn't get released since firestorm arrived can you please release my account? username:simplex98