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  1. mop

    Hi, everyone, Some changes have been done on Garrosh : Farseer Wolfrider's Ancestral Fury is fixed Desecrated debuff can't be removed anymore Iron Stars now explode when reaching a wall Iron Stars aren't removed anymore when Garrosh switches to P2, unless they're not launched yet Missing visual effect on Desecrated Weapon has been added Empowered desecrated weapon regains health, and its size is linked to its health level Iron Stars are removed if Engineer is killed Desecrated weapons aren't launched into the air anymore Fix bug for targeting Engineers Many buffs/debuffs are removed when encounter ends Iron Stars aren't removed when Garrosh switches to P2 Iron Stars' speed has been increased Fix using buffs in Y'Shaarj realms "Faith" buff can now stack Garrosh is set full health when entering P2 Fix on Touch of Y'Shaarj : MC players are attackable, and try to MC the other players Fix behavior of MC players on Intermission : they're also TP into realm of Y'Shaarj, and keep attacking other players MC players' Touch of Y'Shaarj can be interrupt All these changes should be applied on PTR 5.4.8 now.
  2. Hi, I'll check the weapon's health, and being hit while being on the conveyor belt. However, I disagree.about the beams: It's in heroic mode that Beams are lethal.
  3. Hi, A crash happened 10 minutes ago. From what I see, it's when a Klaxxi died. If someone can tell me on which one, that'll help a lot !
  4. Hi everybody, I've made an update on this boss on PTR (which is online again). Here are the changes applied: There's only one active boss on pull, so players will fight one boss at once instead of 3. This is only applicable on PTR, Added Power of the Paragons on all bosses, Added amber on platforms, Hisek : players hit by Fire won't be stun in the air anymore, Ka'roz : when casting Store Kinetic Energy, Ka'roz will consecutively charge from 2 to 4 players, Ka'roz : on Hurl Amber, Ka'roz will jump on the platforms with amber and throw it at players Korven : Encase with amber now heal the targeted boss, Korven can now use Encase with amber on himself, Iyyokuk : Insane Calculation : Fiery Edge will now hit players that shares criterias with the initial target Xaril : Toxic injection put toxins in a more random way (before, we set how many players will receive the different toxins, then we applied red ones first, then blues ones, and finally, yellow ones, and so, if there weren't enough players, they all had the red toxin ; now, it's randomly applied, but there's a maximum of player that can receive a given toxin, to avoid every players can have all the same one), Xaril : Caustic blood duration now reset on every new stack, Xaril : Active mitigation of the tank prevent from receiving Caustic blood stacks (warning : for your tests, you should have the specialization matching to the active mitigation, or it won't work), Kaz'tik : The charmed player is now instant killed when reaching the targeted Kunchong, Kaz'tik : Hungry Kunchong now evolves into Mature Kunchong when his power is full, Fix boss healths in 25 nm, You can't kill an inactive boss, Kil'ruk and Iyyokuk aren't flying anymore just above the ground. If you find new bugs, let me know ! Thank you, and good game !
  5. About Caustic Blood, for your tests, note that you don't only need to have the mitigation active, you also need to have the race and specialization that matches with this mitigation (that is, for instance, you need to use a Death Knight with Blood specialization and Blood Shield in order to prevent Caustic Blood to be appied - il you don't use a DK or not a Blood DK, even if you have the Blood Shield active, Caustic Blood will apply).
  6. OK, thanks for your explanations, I'll look again.
  7. About this : in which mode were you, and did you have enough players ? I mean : if you were in 10 man mode, there were 10 players presents ? Or less ? Here's how the script works : to prevent everybody to have the same toxin, we set a random amount of players for each toxin, but with a minimum amount for each. Then, we assigned all red toxins first, then all yellow toxins, and finally, the blue toxins. So if there's not enough players, they'll receive only red toxin. I'll try to randomize the assignment so no matter how much you are, you could receive any color...
  8. Hi everybody, I'm working on Paragons, and I've a question about this : Could you tell me with which class/specialization you've seen this problem ? Thank you !
  9. Thank you everybody for these reports. As the boss could be hard to test, I'll try to look if it's possible to trigger them one by one instead of three by three (facing only one boss at a time should make easier to see if his abilities are working well or not). Do you agree ? I'll fix what's already reported.
  10. mop

    Thank you all for these reports. As said, Garrosh is still in WIP, so some bugs are "normal". Anyway, these reports will help us a lot.
  11. Hi everybody, I'm pleased to announce the release of the 14th and last boss from Siege of Orgrimmar on our Public Test Realm 5.4.8. I must say this boss is still in development, many things should be done or improved. Anyway, you can report problems you'll find during the encounter so we can fix it while the development goes on. Have a good game !
  12. Hi everybody, I'm pleased to announce the release of the the 13th boss from Siege of Orgrimmar, Paragons of the Klaxxi, on our Public Test Realm 5.4.8. Feel free to report any bug you would find while testing this boss, so we can fix it before the live release. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone, I've made some fix on this boss : Shockwave Missile waves' visual should be OK now Magnetic crush now ignores armor Sawblades should hit players and shredders when pulled by Electromagnet Crawler Mines now appear by 3 instead of just one Crawler Mines don't despawn anymore when a new line of weapons appears Crawler Mines should now reach the platform without going undermap Laser Turret now follow the targeted player with more precision Waves of Shockwave Missile are now triggered with more fluidity Sawblade are now launched on the ground (they could be floating in the air if the targeted player was also in the air when launched) Pattern Recognition has been added Thanks for your feedbacks !
  14. Hello, Here are more fixes : The sawblade damages shouldn't be affected by armor anymore, Damages by Shockwave Missile have been fixed (they were dealing twice the expected amount), Superheated debuff can now be stacked up to 20 times, DoT during Magnetic Crush has been added, The flight of the Automated Shredder during Death from above has been redone, You now need to be on the belt conveyor in order to be able to damage & destroy deactivated weapons. I've also been reported that sometimes, all the weapons from the first conveyor aren't sent on the 2nd conveyor, but I've been unable to reproduce this bug even after a long try on PTR, so if you've seen this bug, it could be very helpful for me to have more details, like : which weapons were on the line that failed, which weapon(s) didn't pass on the second conveyor, did a weapon has been destroyed (and which one), is the problem happening always on the same line of weapons or is it random, and so on. Thank you !
  15. Hi everybody, Some corrections have been done on the PTR version (and will be applied on liver version soon) : Deafening Screech damages aren't affected by armor anymore Correction for Shock Blast, which sometimes wasn't working anymore after a wipe, Thok can now go through all the room, until the door, Prisonners now despawn after being eaten, Fix orientation problem in P2, where Thok was moving/turning in a jerky way, Thok sn't melee attacking anymore during P2, Fix Bloody Frenzy stacks, which were sometimes reset during P2, Fix Kor'kron Jailer, who wasn't lootable in 25 normal mode, Added loots (only for PTR version) Feel free to report if you see any other bug on this boss.