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  1. Title: Writhing Essences for Greymane Type: In-game Description:  Would be nice for greymane to have Writhing Essences buyable with Marks of honor at the main vendors. So those who had legendaries in 7.1.5 ( I have 2 lol ), can upgrade them from 940 to 970 ilvl like normal legendaries.
  2. Subscribe to my channel for more content : https://www.youtube.com/user/ICESage78?sub_confirmation=1
  3. Fix PvP Templates for affliction, Demo and Destro. Versatility is wrong for all the specs: and probably some secondary stats for demo and destro. Then fix demonwrath damage in PvP and the damage of the main pet is kinda ridiculous at the moment but i'm not sure if its bugged or not since demo was op in 7.1.5.
  4. Hi, Since it's Christmas, i'd really like to do a giveaway on my twitch stream. Is there any way I can gift to other accounts firestorm points or lootbox ( greymane ) that i'd pay by myself ? Like a gift options on the shop that I missed ? Thank you in advance for any reply.
  5. When you don't hide being an idiot
  6. There is one already normally. For PvP enchant & Tabard i dont remember if it's in 7.2 or 7.1.5 tho.
  7. I played Legion on blizzard servers and a bit on firestorm and from my own experience coil is trash. You'd be better with howl if you want more cc. And port is really good ( the best talent btw ) but since you don't really seem to take damage idkn. On retail you used to flop when focused by frost dks and other melees ( and it's still the case especially in bgs ) but here you seem to be really fine.
  8. 1 - remove cripple from auto ( 5.10 your pet cripple the target and you run into the target yah, what's the point of cripple then yah ) 2 - use more reap souls and correctly. Spaming UA and using reap won't empower them yah. Using reap before spaming UA will empower them yah. 3 - stop using bandicam ffs 4 - do you play coil ? Coil the worst talent for aff ? Play port man really.. in bgs its the best 5 - If you play fragility, especially in bgs it should almost be always on cooldown.
  9. In 7.1.5 before the new artifact traits which came in 7.2 having 3000k HP pool in arena was for locks, warriors and a few other classes. If not it was between 2.400k and 3000k especially for rogues using thief thingy. And ofc all your druids have the same percentages. The buff from ilvl increase the primary stat only. Not the secondary ones : They are fixed for every class and the % are on google/battle.net For example : aff locks should have 24% crit, 16% ( or 12% ) haste and 73% mastery with 2% vers and it never changes whatever you do ( not for haste if you take the 6% haste buff )
  10. I completely agree the number of people with offensives names/guilds/pets etc is beyond what i could call healthy for the server atm especially on MoP.
  11. lol ? don't spam radiance and shadowmend and you'll be fine. Healing with smite is very efficient.
  12. Then put a screenshot of the pvp template so we can compare if we find something on google ? There's an addon for retail made by Jax to see pvp templates. And you have all the information from forums too to compare. Just take the agility template they had in beta and do a -35% and compare if it's the same.
  13. If they nerfed assa template by 35%, it is actually totaly legit. I played a lot of arena on retail legion and i cant testify : assa template got shit on pretty hard. If you are asking for a buff when all they did was right, you are just going in the wrong direction.
  14. On retail Assasination got nerfed by 35% in 7.1.5 on the agility template. To the point where sub was better than Assa even in 2s. And assa wasn't bad at all. Just not as mongo. im pretty sure you do some real damage here if you play well