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  1. With Beta starting and going up this Tuesday (2 PM PST), I'll be starting to take requests from both Firestorm Players, as well as Firestorm Devs, for any kind of Content you want to see from the Legion Test Servers. While there surely are a lot of Videos from Alpha, already out there on the Internet, I thought this would be a good time to ask all of you guys, what you want to see first-hand and deliver that info to you in a quick and informative way. So - If you want to see something that might've not been recorded yet, want a different angle or point of view for Content you'd like to see, feel free to post a request here in this Thread and I'll get right to it, once the Beta Servers are coming back up.
  2. So, a bit of Context first. King Ymiron was a 5-man Vrykul King Boss in the Tower of Utgarde back in Wrath. In Legion, he makes a return as himself in a cursed state, filling the spot for the first Boss of the Maw of Souls 5-man Dungeon. Warriors have a low chance to drop a Mythic-only Questitem, with which you can persuade Odyn to take him from Helheim, up into the Halls of Valor. The problem is - King Ymiron has enough of the player character killing him and then denying him his peaceful rest once more. Odyn doesn't want him in the Halls and Ymiron doesn't want to be there. Now, any long-time WoW Player knows, when there's a character with a unique voice, you have to click him, just to see what happens when you annoy them just a tad bit too much. When I did this to Ymiron ... well... I was shocked - and shock quickly turned into heartful laughter and ... aw, just see for yourself: (Video not made by me!) And yes... the beeps are part of the voice line.
  3. With the broad amount of my testing over on the Beta wrapped up for the moment, I've been thinking about putting up Class Blogs/Updates, explaining and showing off the new Classes and their various Playstyles and updated mechanics. This Thread serves as a tool to initiate these Blogs, based on your decision. For now I've decided to focus on all the DPS and Tank speccs, with Healing Speccs coming at the end. http://www.strawpoll.me/10302433 I'll be checking back on the poll (and start working on the Blogs) on the 10th on June! Until then, you'll have time to spread the word and decide which of the speccs will be the first I should tackle.
  4. Just for those who missed the MMO-Champion presentation of this. The Legion Login screen.
  5. You should have also mentioned that Outlaw is RNG-heavy. Roll the Bones is pretty important to the overall feel and toolkit for Outlaw, but the RNG involved with it's rolls is damn high. That being said, as a general reminder overall Numbers aren't final. Class Balancing on Retail (for new expansions) usually lasts up until and well into Heroic Raid Release (~2 Weeks after Release) and can -sometimes- last into the first week of Mythic (~3 weeks after Release). The Artifacts do not necessarily make that impossible. So, if there's any class talk, I'd highly appreciate if people don't use made-up or unrealistic numbers. Speccs like Fire Mages and Assassination rogues are strong right now. So strong, they leave other Speccs behind by ~10-15% DPS right now. They WILL be nerfed and brought in line. So please, focus on mechanical strengths/weaknesses for now, when discussing this matter.
  6. Not entirely for all classes. I can currently Snapshot the Ursoc's Rending Paw (Trinket) Bleed ticks as a Fury Warrior using any kind of damage increase (Enrage up, Avatar, Dragon Roar, even scales with the 100% Crit from Battle Cry).
  7. Sorry for not making the designated deadline, I have been deeply entrenched in our Launch-related theorycrafting for Fury and Arms.
  8. If it was actually what they said it would be (Not automated), it would be a great system. Right now, though, the system is way too open to abuse.
  9. Also, still doing Mythic+ Dungeons every evening over on twitch.tv/Slootbag 's stream, for anyone who is interested in seeing the classes and the new Mythic+ Dungeon System in action.
  10. I have to agree with Sketter here. I have been thigh-deep into Theorycrafting with Sarri and the others for Retail, which is why I didn't make my deadline for the Class Preview thread here on Firestorm - and all the classes are balanced around having a fully unlocked Artifact (except for the Titanic Traits after you have all the basic ones, as those are just a bonus for continued AP farm). You can't get your Artifact on the Pre-Patch, so there's that. Furthermore, some speccs (like Fury Warriors) were heavily balanced around their brokenly powerful Legendaries from the Broken Isles. Anyone who is playing Retail right now and isn't just some pseudo-harcore player, will agree that the Pre-Patch is anything but balanced, a problem that will only be the downfall of the already heavily bugged WoD Server on here. A Pre-Patch is just that, a pre-patch. A connecting point between the last expansion and the new one, to get people in touch with all the class changes before the real expansion launches. This kind of update will never work on a Server that is permanently stuck on the previous expansion.
  11. I have no clue about that, one of the Devs would have to answer that whenever they feel like adressing it? The Thread is basically just a Firestorm-Version of any other Post regarding Legion out on the Internet, or TL;DR the Info here is from the Retail Beta Servers and any info in here is shared on a Retail-basis to adress concerns of other Retail Players here on Firestorm or Firestorm Players that want to get a feeling for Legion and how it might end up feeling as a whole Expansion on here, once Sylvanas is up and running. So yeah. TL;DR: Can't say anything about Sylvanas PTR stuff or anything else that is too Firestorm-centered.
  12. I got to 109 doing all of the Main Quests and almost all of the side quests before they nerfed the XP required by 11%. I only missed like 4-5 Side-Hubs pre-nerf. But yeah, the Artifact Quests are pretty nice and well balanced around Class knowledge. Also applies to the Class Hall Campaigns.
  13. Yep, there are only Minor Glyphs and once you made them/bought them, you can apply them directly to the spell in your spellbook. They are 100% cosmetic. There are also "Vantus Runes" that Inscr. can make, which will give the player that uses them a 10% damage bonus against a certain Raid Boss for an entire week. So these will be essential to Raiding overall, since you'll want to get a Rune for the hardest Boss you'll do/progress that week. Furthermore (since the latest brainfart that Blizzard had), Talents can no longer be switched anywhere at every point in time. You can only switch them instantly when you're in an Inn or via a very expensive Inscription Tome that you can set down for your party/raid. Otherwise, you won't ever be able to switch Talents. And since there are a couple of classes that Blizzard absolutely gimped in terms of Talent distribution, you'll probably make your biggest benefit off of these tomes (and obv. Vantus Runes).
  14. Good god, lucky me that none of you had actual questions towards me, my notifications have not been triggering for quite some time, so I completely missed the existence of this second page, lol. Anyways, if you want to get Legion Beta Access, there are a dozen Streamers and Fansites with massive amounts of Keys that they give away. Try your luck there.
  15. Aight, back in the Beta, doing stuff with twitch.tv/slootbag and a couple o' others.
  16. No Beta stuff for an unknown amount of time. The Beta Servers are NA Servers and there seems to be a problem right now, that utterly cripples an EU Player's ability to log onto the Beta Servers. Will post here, once I'm able to log back in.
  17. Nope, you can just go there and choose stuff. Sidenote: The Hide Helmet/Cloak/Shoulder Options are now also only accessible via the Transmog NPC.
  18. There were no changes to the Warlock PvP Talent tree as it seems. The Wowhead PvP Talent Calc (http://legion.wowhead.com/talent-pvp) is up-to-date. General Update Part²: Going to sleep now, 2 days of straight leveling have worn me out. Any requests put in from now (14.05.2016) will be answered tomorrow (15.05.2016).
  19. You can select any Artifact Skin with any Druid Race. All models and colors are the same across all races as well. The only thing that you can't do with your Artifact, is show your old Catform. General Update: Hit LvL 110 now, so every kind of Request is now allowed and supported.
  20. There's a bit of weird info going around, but the general word is (and what it seems like ingame) you can only unlock Class-specific items on the Class it's for and then use it on all other characters of said class. Same with Armor Types. Warriors can only unlock Plate Armor xmog in general, Mages cloth, hunters mail etc. So, you're very likely to just get the items on said character. Furthermore, just to get this right before it comes up: You still have to go to the Transmog NPC as well, unless you have an Expedition Yak. No on-the-fly xmogging.
  21. Back on my toes. Going to do the last 5 levels this session and your Warlock Talents at the end of that.
  22. Sloot got stuck in the Queue. Edit: Nvm, now I'm stuck in Queue too, since I just headed right for Beta Leveling Realm 01 instead of 03. FeelsBadMan
  23. Beta is UP! But they got rid of the PvP Realm, otherwise I would make a Lock right away and check for you. I'll probably do it right after we're done leveling in before Dungeonswag with Serenity. No Slootbag Stream participation on the Dungeons though, gonna do it with Ashvael and Potti, since they're german.
  24. Yeah. I fell asleep just as much testing Affli in Alpha when it came out, as I did playing Legion Arms. It's... meh. Anyways, in case somebody wonders, I won't be streaming any Beta stuff yet, I'll probably just do my own thing for now and hang around twitch.tv/slootbag 's stream and Discord, maybe do some Dungeons with the bald baby later during his Stream, when we're done with leveling back up. Although, he'll probably focus mostly on Chat/Community wishes and Serenity-internal stuff in terms of testing. Bar any problems with Server stability, since it's basically all the Alpha Players + A lot of new 1st Wave Players. As mentioned, if you have any requests for Legion Content, mention them here in the Thread or PM me directly and I'll get to recording it or at least put some pics/gifs up, if your request doesn't warrant a full recording. If anyone IS a Retail Player on the side and got Beta, feel free to PM me as well and we can enjoy the Beta together!
  25. Look. Imps riding Fel Stalkers. What more can a guy ask for.