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  1. Pro: / Cons: -It's a legendary -> More tmog exploits can (and would) occur.
  2. Hello Dolore, you can create tickets at the bugtracker so the developers will see it. Please remember: This is not endgame Content and may take longer to fix because the main priority is (as I saw) the endgame content.
  3. Have you tried the unstuck function?
  4. Banned Azi because he banned me while he was eating banana pudding!
  5. Banned Freal for banning Xalira.
  6. Banned Sambala because he think's I got a poor imagination!
  7. Banned Azi because I can!
  8. Banned Mikrole1 for banning people without reasons.
  9. Banned Xalira for banning a german! :OOOOOOO
  10. Ríu has been banned for the following reason: "Banning people who aren't his friends".
  11. Yes Paladins are a bit buggy at the moment. But here are some good news There will be a change!
  12. As I'm informed also active players get the reward. Just talk with Boris.
  13. There's no direct download link because you need to download one of these launchers.
  14. Hi Leviathan! I would suggest to do download the full Warlords of Draenor Client. You can do it with the following 2 Steps: --- Step 1: Go to and create an account After that download their launcher and install it You can install the WoW Client by download it in the launcher Step 2: Open your Firestorm Launcher Click on Warlords of Draenor Click settings and click "Download full client" --- Hope this will help you! iSwuerfel
  15. Confirmed. Btw restoring now my character