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  1. linux

    Thanks a lot for this guide, works on Linux Mint 18 too.
  2. Hello. I have the same problem. I went to a BG and after I got out I couldn't chat on world channel or do anything else related to world channel like leave, join...
  3. Have you managed to connect to the server? Because I can't log in and this error pops-up : /
  4. Hey guys! I would like to ask if somebody tried to or plays firestorm wod on linux using Wine. I had tried it, but, unfortunately I couldn't open the launcher. However, I managed to open wow.exe, but I couldn't connect to the server. Pandashan works fine under Wine even without launcher. So I was wondering, if anybody plays here on linux and your client works, maybe you could give me some tips or advices on how to make mine work... I would be very grateful. Thanks!
  5. Hi. I had the same issue with my Ashran accounts.. here´s what I did: I created a Firestorm account by merging my first Ashran account and then I logged out and created another Firestorm account by merging my second Ashran account. I hope it helps you with your pandashan accounts as well