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  1. That's true. good point Cheers!
  2. Wouldn't it be awesome if we Dutchies had a section of our own? Since there are quite a lot of us!
  3. So, I received from a quest. After using it I got nothing! What to do?
  4. As long as you enjoy yourself
  5. One of my guilty pleasures as an Alliance toon is flying by Orgrimmar and listening to the theme, which sends chills down my spine! What's yours?
  6. Happy Holidays to all of you!
  7. I tried using my demonic portal thingie, which seems to do the trick. Without any form of aid it's kinda impossible.
  8. Just after the first boss of Vortex Pinnacle you 'teleport' to the next level. After the mobs there's a bridge with floating orbs and wind blowing around. Any suggestion on how to pass this bridge? I keep blowing off!
  9. Yesterday I placed several lots on the auction house. Today I found out that they're not there anymore. They weren't sold nor picked up by me. Is this something that has happened before to anyone here? And is there any way to check what actually went wrong?
  10. This helps a lot! Thanks
  11. Subject can be closed, problem solved!
  12. Hi, If I buy a Guild reward, let's say a cape, with my main character who has exalted rep, will the item be available to all my other characters?
  13. Thanks all!
  14. There's been a post on the bugtracker site for over a month now, regarding the fact that only one profession item can be made at a time. This is quite frustrating, especially when creating large volumes of cloth for instance. Is there any way to fix this? If you give the option to 'just drop the profession and start over', I require that you reinstate the level I am currently on (600) and all the items I have learned to make. It concerns my main character Xycaryn on Taran'Zhu, with the tailoring profession.
  15. Fellow tailors, What is the best location to farm ?