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  1. They started scripting argus quest line before ToS released fully and now argus quest line is working really good so.. I think in maximum 2 weeks it will be here.
  2. As you could see, they said that after releasing ToS FULL will be short time released argus.. so maybe they are disabling this and we can get in week? maybe 2 our argus ^^ my idea
  3. there could be written spells instead of link ^^ but nice work <3
  4. will be there fixed any old content? (old dungs, raids)
  5. Hello I want ask when will be incrased item level on eq earned in dungeons (for example from normal dungeons 805 --> 830 (like retail)). Will be it before 7.3? or when it release. Coz to 7.3 is so looooong time and with incrased ilvl there will be easier raids.
  6. Same problem..
  7. Hello when will be Boris on legion realm to level up 1 charracter?
  8. Mate If you have an error while trying to pay, try to contact the payment's service directly, which should be Paymentwall in most of the cases. and PaymentWall always try to optimize the payment methods, and sometimes some might disapear due to contracts having an expiration dates in all countries. If they can't renew it, the payment method will disapear. ;-) FAQ: you can find this on "shop and payments." Good day.
  9. i think best way is computer for 350€ (i have €) and you can play wow (legion) on graphic 3+ .... i have laptop from shop for 490€ and i playing it on max 3 sometimes 4
  10. Spaha says true ... you need 810 ilvl but when u go with ur friends, you can have lower than 800 ilvl and have more dmg and brain...
  11. in dungeon but it have very very low drop... one guy today dropped 1 this silk ...
  12. yes ... and its possible to get killed from ground by druid, mage, lock and DH can hit u but .... rogue and warr can go there ... i think this is not bug ...
  13. Character Name: Chlebarog Issues: Legion Operating System: Windows 8.1 How was your game downloaded?: Torrent Describe your problem: Hi i have a question. I played Battleground "Temple of Kotmogu" and i find new secret, but i think its normal and other guys think its bug screen: Spell i used: I used hook on tree. And here is question. Is this bug ? or it´s normal.
  14. on closed beta, i exped in azsuna on mob on one place there are a lot of murlocs and i got 1-2K for one :-) in 1 party was 3-5 murlocs it was fast from 105 to 110 :-)
  15. any guys say 1 month