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  1. Because for some specs it's only scripting the drop rate, and for some specs it's fixing an entire questline which isn't efficient.
  2. You can transmog legendaries using the legendary vendor (which requires the legendary item + 10k gold). I believe you cannot transmog warglaives into two-handed weapons, only to one-handed.
  3. Actually, in 7.3.5 there's been added an option to buy a random legendary from vendor - after grinding 1000 weakening essences. http://www.wowhead.com/item=157796/purified-titan-essence Problem is that these essences can only be obtained from Antorus, which obviously isn't out yet. So for now you need to keep on farming.
  4. That's how luck works. Some people get it right away, some after long playtime and some don't get it at all. A few examples do not confirm or invalidate an overall fact.
  5. The mage tower isn't up everytime. Check on her daily and contribute to building the mage tower.
  6. There's not a single quest in-game that'd reward you anything close to that, so losing your shards is appropriate.
  7. Actually, far as I can remember, there IS a command in-game to do that, although it's very inconvenient and setting it up will likely require a guide. Ion and Josh said it themselves in a Q&A they did a while ago. So setting up a convenient NPC wouldn't be a bad idea.
  8. In other words - please tell the guy that had the mount to contact a psychiatrist.
  9. This post was regarding the Val'Sharah feedback freshly after it was released. Things like that should be posted on the Bugtracker (go onto forum and scroll down).
  10. Hey, I've a question. Shortly after starting the fight, Xylem throws down a bunch of spikes which should instantly kill you if you touch them (so as an Arms I can either jump+heroic leap or dps the spikes down). Thing is - the spikes instantly kill me even when I do not move and stand in front of Xylem. I've watched few videos and cant figure out what am I doing wrong. Do you know?
  11. The tower is hard because it is meant to be difficult, although on retail a lot of people did it with the ToS gear. Sadly - ToS is not out yet. Im also not sure whether it makes sense to script 12 different scenarios just so you can get your mount - Firestorm's developers could focus on something more important instead of that, so the mage tower is currently a place holder for the mount.
  12. Stop spamming. We saw your other messages.
  13. =====ALL 30 EGGS===== BROKEN ISLES North of new Dalaran, at battle pet arena Black Market in new Dalaran (Under Water) Suramar - Meredil, House oposite the tp Azsuna - Above Illidari Stand Val'Sharah - Grove of Cenarius Eastern Kingdom Goldshire - In a bush near the inn Cathedral in Stormwind Duskwood - Twilight Grove West of Elwynn, Thunderfalls. In a house Stranglethorn Vale - Gurubashi Arena Eastern Plaguelands - Eastwall Tower Kalimdor Durotar, near the entrance of orgrimmar on the right. Valley of Honor, in the waterfall Darnassus - Cenarion Enclave The Dranosh'ar Blockade, Durotar east of the front gate of Ogrimmar The Sluge Fen, Northern Barrens inside a tower Ashenvale, Forest song Azshara, Temple Of Zin-Malor Egg in NORTH NORTH NORTH tanaris Azuremyst Isle, the Sacred Grove behind the rock statue thingy. Northrend Old Dalaran - Entrance Icecrown - Argent Tournament Sholazar Basin - Nessingwary Base Camp Outlands Hellfire peninsula, right after the portal Shattrath, Near Master Alchemist Pandaria Pandaria, Krasarang Wings Pandaria, Veiled Stairs, Tavern of the Mists Towlong Steppes, inside a big tree near Dusklight Hollow Draenor Moonflower valley, Shadowmoon valley Draenor - Frostfeurgat Make macro: /tar easter and keep clicking it to target the eggs.
  14. And that's all the 30 egg locations. This is my favourite one so far. Nice job team.