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  1. Our 7.3.5 realm is out, feel free to test anything you wish and report it! Before you start reporting some warlock stuff related, I have to let you know few things: -This current realm you have access isnt updated to the current QA realm fixes, so probably lots of your reports are solved probably -If what I wrote above happends, you can PM me with the issue to check if its fixed on QA realm or not, and If it isnt you can go ahead and report it on the bugtracker or to me. This will agilize and make the process of reporting and giving the proper info to the devs way faster. Thx for your time and happy testing!
  2. Mr Vooduzi, if you look into the bugtracker you will see that I usually update the ticket as the one you mentioned There is no point to fix it now, and It wasnt since it is an unused/unviable talent for current content and upcoming, but it is fixed for the upcoming patch.
  3. '''Hotfix''' so you want the lego like it was before right? You know it had a chance to proc from everything? More like it was a fix which it should have been made long ago. Why should I give info about new shard system? Wowhead has a post explaining how it works and thats how it will work here
  4. So warlock pet damages are wrong right? retail log to compare Damages from our pet I'm not using flask or pot as the retail guy is doing but overall damage is higher/fits to retail in most of casses. I guess it is because shadowbolt The ilvl range is 890+ which fits with my current ilvl. Before you complain about, the damages are the same for felguard and wrathguard(glyphed pet) they litterally have the same script "How can you claim avoidance is working while clearly it isn't? " READ PLEASE: "For the avoidance, it isnt working for some bosses spells" From previous post, never claimed it is working properly, I was talking about nh btw, not m+ in general. It is true that it isnt working properly for some m+ bosses and it will be working for 7.3 probably, but avoidance fix isnt just doing 1 fix to the spell, you have to do a fix per boss spell/mob packs etc which means a huge ammount of time and effort for developers. As I stated before, the spells isnt easy to fix, you didnt got that Demon lock best st dps: I only see demo locks being in ranking in Tichondrius fight which isnt st. This is a hc log, since our top difficulty is hc. I checked anomaly log which is the first st boss and I didnt find any demon in the first 200 ranks, maybe it wasnt that good. For the Grimoire: Felguard---> You are right, the issue was found and fixed, It will come for the upcoming patch(It took too long to the dev that fixed the issue to be able to reproduce by himself) Pd: Check your stats, your haste is a bit low, that might explain that you are doing low dps I guess you will deny my arguments again even showing evidences.
  5. Have you even played demon here? It seems you dont. Anyone here can tell you how demon is working and how is the spec performing, since they really play warlock and most of them will disagree with the afirmation that aff is the best spec out of the 3 right now, since shard reg isnt fixed properly. For the avoidance, it isnt working for some bosses spells, hunter&lock but they NEVER die, I've run nh as demo and my pet never died to a boss aoe as you claim. For the damage issue you claim from pets, feel free to search on /mrrobot sites, where formulas are taken from, you will see they are properly calculated. Am I missing something? Ah ye, I can link you any recount from any boss you wish aswell as videos or logs from nh for destro, you will see the damage fits properly with retail logs and ilvl. Pd: Avoidance is really hard to fix if it wasnt it would have been fixed long time ago but I guess players will never understand the work behind the scripts and how spells are handle by the server
  6. a little preview of shard reg on 7.3, so you can tell me how it feels. Before you ask, yes, new traits/talents bla bla are already fixed
  7. . There is no plans to fix quest chain for now
  8. Dont worry, shard generation problems are solved in 7.3.5 already. Chance is 16% base +2'5% per tick while a shard while shards dont proc. I usually generate a shard every 4-7s seconds there more or less, it is pretty much more consistent
  9. The lego was hotfixed because the shard generation was way too high, so it had to be fixed
  10. Since when? You have the waist lego?
  11. That isnt up to me but the devs, they are the ones that make the templates, I just give them retail values if possible to try to fix it. Anyway templates will be reworked in the upcoming 7.3.5 patch which already have the right values on the client so probably they will be fixed properly and the spell issues will be fixed along the templates. About the pet damages, formulas which are being used are here: If something is wrong it is probably due to wrong templates, since damages are equal to PvE logs outside PvP instances
  12. minimum 25% haste, recommended 30%+, there is no cap, the more you have, the more damage you will deal. Crit as much as you can, but with current raid items you wont have more than 20% sadly
  13. The chance will be increased for sure, and more haste=faster ticks= more generation judge by yourself. Stats are Int>haste>Crit>versa>mastery
  14. thats the current mechanic implemented in FS, but since it belongs to the Legion beta, blizzard probably did undocumented changes since the chance here compared to retail is really low and there is no way to know the correct chance or how the spell works. Anyway, we are doing some tentative changes to the chance on our 7.3.5 server in order to increase the proc chance of shards. At the moment, the chance is-->Random value(0-99%) on first shard generated, reset to 0% chance when the shard procs and start with 16% base with 10% increase per tick. I know this isnt a blizzlike fix, but since there is literally 0 info of the chance since beta and surely blizz changed it, we are doing some test to "properly" fix it. Yes, the bonus tier is working
  15. Since we are close to update to 7.3, we wont make any fix on effigy because it is getting removed in that patch, sorry