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  1. It is due to the recent pet commands fix. In order to fix this little issue, you just have to right click the target while pet is attacking with assist command on. After this, the pet should switch targets properly when tabbing
  2. We've made some tentative fixes to destro spec, at the momment the damages should feel WAY more blizzlike. They have been hotfixed so the changes are currently applied on live, which are: Implementation of 23rd january hotfixes Full rework to destro mastery, it was taking half of the percent as max roll damage(if you had 20% for example, only the 10 would be working now the full % is taken in account) aswell as now mastery roll values are now flat instead of working with decimals
  3. My perfomance is good in raids and m+. Im usually among the top 5-4 dps on raids(as you requested, my dps round 500-600k), it depends on the boss and the person which is playing the class. I cant truly recommend you the class since it depends on a lot of facts. It is almost fully scripted, it hasnt possitive bugs unlike others but if you expect to be the top 1, this is not your class since the requirments to achieve that are way higher and difficult in compare to other classes. For the Grimoire of service, Grimoire:Felguard and Grimoire Imp are fully scripted, pets are getting the 100% damage increase aswell as their spells are casted at the right momment, same for the interaction of lego wrist and ring(remember, you can only get the 15% buff every 3 mins, it is not attached to when the pet spawn, it has icd). Also for supremacy, even if it wasnt used on retail at all, it was good for certain situations, but the go to is supremacy, here and there. The dps is similar/lower to service, I've tried myself a lot of times, but it depends on gear and stats.
  4. You don't. Just do a wq which reward artifact power and then go to the artifact forge in the hall and you will be able to purchase traits and equip relics
  5. 34-38
  6. All 3 specs are working really well atm. I personally play destro and demo and im getting good results, it also depends on the boss fight and how much advantage you can take of your mechanics and bosses mechanics. We cant compare classes because some of them have a lot of possitive bugs so it makes a proper comparaison between them as impossible. Gonna share few pics of demo/destro damage. It is true that for current patch, the most viable spec is affliction, but a proper geared and played destro/demon can output aff results. Remember this is my personal opinion
  7. It shoudnt slow bosses, thats all
  8. btw if someone gives feedback from the lego ring fix it would be nice, since I haven't the ring and cant test it
  9. Lego ring issue should be fixed by now
  10. If you find a problem, report it. Saying ''ohh buggued class bla bla'' doesnt help devs when fixing. Also the post is about to give info how the develpment class is going, if you arent going to give a proper feedback, please, feel free to stay away from it
  11. Made an urgent ticket, thx for the info
  12. Should be fixed after nexy restart/crash
  13. Update is live since yesterday, if you find anything that broke because of the update let me know
  14. Got a confirmation that it was fixed long ago
  15. Wasnt the fix implemented already?