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  1. ive been using the full one all this time really, just started to happen after i changed some setting but im not sure wich, it is fixeable by just deleting the Firestorm.WTF text file. what is does suck its just i gotta do that everytme i want to launch it : / . still thank you for responding man
  2. first off i dont really know where this one goes siince there is no "game error" forum tab for guldan, or i didnt find it, anyway... Hello, recently i got a problem with the game, the thing is that whenever i try to launch it, it just shows a gauntlet and a black screen but if i delete the WTF file it just loads completely normal, but when i log out the problem comes back again. truth fully it might be my graph card siince it is indeed quite old ( Nvidia Geforce 6150LE), but it did work fine up untill yesterday. i also do believe theres a setting that shouldnt be changed, but i am not very able to identify it. any help would be appreciated thanks. PS: down bellow is an image of my settings