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  1. found the issue, basically the resolution and render distance cannot be changed at the same time. meaning ill have to to it manually everytime but no biggie, thanks for your reply ^^
  2. ive been using the full one all this time really, just started to happen after i changed some setting but im not sure wich, it is fixeable by just deleting the Firestorm.WTF text file. what is does suck its just i gotta do that everytme i want to launch it : / . still thank you for responding man
  3. first off i dont really know where this one goes siince there is no "game error" forum tab for guldan, or i didnt find it, anyway... Hello, recently i got a problem with the game, the thing is that whenever i try to launch it, it just shows a gauntlet and a black screen but if i delete the WTF file it just loads completely normal, but when i log out the problem comes back again. truth fully it might be my graph card siince it is indeed quite old ( Nvidia Geforce 6150LE), but it did work fine up untill yesterday. i also do believe theres a setting that shouldnt be changed, but i am not very able to identify it. any help would be appreciated thanks. PS: down bellow is an image of my settings