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  1. Then you have shit life.
  2. Okay I downloaded this game again and transfered pala from WoD to Legion. What is the faster way to hit 100-110 ? Is there "boris" npc or sth to talk with that grant free 110 like it was on WoD server ? I dont want to spend future days on leveling especially on p.server. On WoD you could just talk with some Boris and get lvl 100 free, now what is on Legion ?
  3. git gud
  4. Buged. What did u expect ?
  5. /leave world_es
  6. Hmm I got that mount on MoP realm long ago but idk how to get now
  7. Play one that you like and enjoy most
  8. Probably from shop but if its not in the shop, then some GM abused his power..
  9. Just farm small red corrupted flowers north of Andutalah and you should be 100-110 in 3-4 hours
  10. Or you can skip that quest and go next one
  11. Its normal thing on firestorm lol
  12. Thats normal, items are now fixed. Nothing more
  13. They fixed stats so its how it should be now.
  14. All Staff can say is this:
  15. Did you select your realm where paladin was ?
  16. and thats the most shity dungeon ever invented...
  17. Raid is released just today what did u expect ?
  18. You cant transfer characters from one account to another account^^ Only you can merge it if its from different expansion (you can merge for example; MoP account and WoD and vice versa)
  19. Where are u from ?
  20. On Legion you can solo all raids from MoP and WoD I have friends on retail who can solo some legion mm dungeons (as tank spec ofc) and there are plenty of videos on youtube how to solo Gul'dan in Nighthold
  21. Never
  22. Yea but since this is guild for Legion, people dont care about MoP and raid kills since you can solo everything now
  23. GL with guild, but why posting old videos ?:D People think its guild for Mop realm
  24. They must.