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  1. He sucks.
  2. When will you fix the honor levels? They're supposed to be shared between characters, not individual.
  3. Same happened to a friend of mine recently.
  4. I stated the problems in my original post and the others stated problems in their posts. It's not our fault you're unable to realize them.
  5. There are much less french players than spanish players and from my experience most of them know english so there's no need for them to have their own realm. I believe back in WoD the french actually had their own realm, but it got merged with the international one. I could be wrong tho.
  6. It's true we've got no word of BfA being in development, but knowing Firestorm they most likely will release it eventually. It could take months till it's released, but I felt the need to make this thread anyways. Make 2 realms in BfA, one for the international players and one for the spanish players. Similarly to how it was back in WoD, except back then we had 2 spanish realms and a russian one as well. No need for that, just give us 2 realms. Why you may ask. We've got world_en where we can communicate with each other. That's true, but it's not the same. I remember back in WoD playing on an international realm the community felt so much better. We only had around 2k players max, but it felt better knowing that you could actually communicate with all those 2k players you saw running around. You got to meet people in the world and you got to talk to them and possibly befriend them. And that's exactly how I met a bunch of great people in WoD. That's one thing I really liked about firestorm back then compared to retail where the sense of community on servers is dead. However, since legion arrived it feels even worse than retail. For example, being in Goldshire back then you'd meet a lot of the same people every day and you could actually talk to them because you knew they understood english. The server felt like home because you'd often see a lot of same players around and could hang out with them. Compare that to now where wherever you go 90% of people are spanish and all talk with each other. Go to Goldshire and your chat is flooded with spanish. Lets be honest, most of the spanish players don't know english at all or only barely. The only possible interaction you can get with them is when they whisper you ''oro porfavor''. Make the world feel better and improve the community and give us 2 realms. If you're worried about que times for bgs and arenas, just give us cross-realm for pvp and perhaps pve like it was on WoD and such problems wouldn't exist. I'm interested to know what others think about this. It's okay if you disagree, I just wanna know your opinion. Response from the staff would be nice.
  7. It seems they do intend to release what's left of legion content before focusing on BfA, but I doubt they're gonna try to really fix all of MoP and Legion bugs unfortunately.
  8. I agree that properly working older expansions are more important than barely working newest expansion, at least in my opinion, but there's no denying a lot of people simply want to play the newest expansion no matter the state it's in. In my opinion they should fix MoP and Legion before releasing BfA, but considering how long it takes firestorm to fix bugs who knows how long would that last and if you go for too long without a new expansion a lot of players would most likely leave to play bfa somewhere else so it's a gamble. The rest of the expansions we have here, WoTLK, Cata and WoD aren't worth it imo considering how small their populations are. Firestorm should just close them completely in my opinion so they don't drain resources that could be put into actually popular expansions which are MoP and Legion and possibly BfA.
  9. I only know you can get exalted with the laughing skull orcs by farming mobs in Gorgrond. You used to be able to get exalted with some other draenor factions as well back in WoD, but I'm not sure if it's still possible.
  10. It works fine on windows 10. It's just the server is down and you gotta wait for it to be up again.
  11. meincraft 4 lyfe i ply evrei dai 25/7 also titris
  12. game

    ur mom gay
  13. Not sure if it'll work, but if you haven't solved it already try deleting cache folder.
  14. I got it in 2 seconds brah. In fact, they gave me 2 more leggies and 500k gold and the GM even sent me nudes. True story.
  15. '' Hello, the hunt is finally over and will return once the exploit has been resolved. Players have been exploiting and abusing the event which was never intended for this event. People who received more points than intended will have their points reset. We won't be removing your bought items, and no further punishments will be given. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope you have a great Easter and April Fools. If you have negative points right now, don't worry as we will be working on fixing the issue. Players who didn't abuse the event will be compensated with 300 Loyalty Points. '' Honestly guys, I saw people saying they managed to exploit the event and got dozens of thousands of points and it was obvious something had to be done about it so they resetted the points. This, I understand and think is alright. Only problem is some people didn't exploit and still went into minus and those 300 points to compensate for the loss don't help much and are far from what we originally managed to get. I believe everybody who managed to get around 2k-3k points from the event could've done it without exploiting and should've got to keep their points, but everybody having more than that should've got punished. It's server's fault for even letting an event be exploitable like this, but it's not server's fault only. Still, they should've found a better way to resolve this imo.