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  1. Greetings @Twitch1 It is unfortunate to see you go, but sending the same message over and over multiple times especially in a short period is considered spam. Sending them one after the other is flooding, which is also not tolerated in World channels. Spamming & Flooding in world chat / staff chat: First Offense (Warning): Channel kick. Second Offense: 30 minute mute. Third Offense: A mute depending on the Game Masters decision. Note: If the spam or flooding is abusive, the punishment can go to a maximum of three days mute or even an account suspension. More information you can find here: World Channel Rules If you think your punishment was unfair - please report the Game Master who, in your opinion, overstepped their boundaries, but making threads with the intent to publically discuss a decision made by a Staff Member is against our Forum Rules. Publicly discussing Staff decisions: Discussing or criticizing a decision made by a staff member in public is prohibited. These decisions include; bans, mutes, removals of staff members and warnings. Punishment: 1 infraction point. More information here: Forum Rules If you wish to keep playing on Firestorm without facing these circumstances, then please read our In-game Rules and Regulations thread thoroughly. You can find it here. Respectfully yours, Effigy, Head Game Master
  2. Greetings @bobsfriend That error is not something from us, but there are few things you could do in an attempt to fix it. 1. You MUST have User with Administrator permission and access. Many of the installation, patching, and networking services need elevated permissions in order to run correctly. 2. Disabling or temporarily uninstalling firewall and anti-virus programs (Norton, McAfee, etc) can permit the launch to complete successfully. Of course, do not remove security software if you can't reinstall it, and always restore disabled security after few attempts. 3. Proxy settings on your system can also block access Go to Control Panel and select Internet Options> Click on the Connections tab> Click the button called "LAN Settings" > Check "Automatically detect settings" and click OK. 4. Creating a new admin account on your system can also help. The new account should have default settings and if it doesn't work, you can always delete it. 5. IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS (PC) Best of luck, HGM Effigy
  3. Resolved.
  4. Hey there @GrimReaperX Open an in-game ticket and a Staff Member will assist you as soon as possible. Have a lovely evening, HGM Effigy
  5. Greetings @d3m0n1cp0w3r Since most classes support multiple specializations and separation would be misleading, we can not give such statistics, however, good players are always needed. If you enjoy a certain class - perfect it and every guild would be happy to have you on top of their dps/hps meters. If you are still interested in the player's count - Click here Best of luck, Head Game Master Effigy
  6. Hey there @wowdarkota@gmail.com, Sometimes flight points bug and you might be stuck in mid-air or on a path constantly going back and forth between locations. The easiest way to fix this is by using the Unstuck Character option from our site. When you do that your character will be teleported to your HS location. Good luck, HGM Effigy
  7. Hey there @Aenox, Here are some things you could try: 1. Change the Background FPS to 30 fps (Esc > System > Advanced > Use the slider to reach 30) While you're at it you might want to try lowering the foreground FPS. 2. Optimize connection from the game menu (Esc > System > Network Options > Optimize Network for Speed) 3. Reset your user interface to make sure your files and add-ons are not corrupted. Don't forget to back-up your data before you do that. 4. Restart your router and keep it off for a minute to make sure it hasn't become flooded with data. 5. Release and renew your IP and flush DNS to resolve any network conflicts 6. Update your drivers to resolve any compatibility issues if you haven't done that recently. 7. Try closing background applications to resolve any software conflicts. There are a lot of possible options since that's a generic error and there's no universally working solution. It might also get fixed by itself after a few restarts. Keep in touch and let me know if that got fixed for you, HGM Effigy
  8. Hey there @Desenkei, The Spanish community on Firestorm has its own section on the forum, so if you need to address anything posted by a Spanish Game Master, you should open a thread there. However, if you have any questions regarding International Staff, feel free to ask us here in the form of a new post. This one will be closed and moved to Invalid. Best of luck, HGM Effigy
  9. Hey Wilby, Admins are not like Game Masters - they are not divided by expansions, however, you could start with LegnaX. Keep in mind that causes some issues, because they get a lot of messages daily and sometimes it takes some time to receive a reply. I will now close your thread, but keep in touch. I'd like to know when there is any development in your case. Have a great day, HGM Effigy
  10. Moved to Technical Support.
  11. Greetings @Xexel, Check your antivirus programme; it might be falsely targetting some of the files that the launcher uses. Make sure to uncheck the "Read Only" box from properties, and try to install Net Framework 4.5. If the problem is still there, please open a new thread since this one will be closed. Regards, Head Game Master Effigy
  12. Greetings @Vatic, Some antivirus programes tend to delete .dll files, happens a lot in Windows 10. Our clients are working well and if there's an issue, it's mostly localized or there's a conflicting application, as it is in your case. My personal recomendation is to check your settings. Your thread will be now closed and moved to archive. Regards, Head Game Master Effigy
  13. Greetings @Heisenlord, It sounds more like a connectivity issue, but still, there are few things you could try: 1. Update your drivers to resolve any compatibility issues 2. Run Scan and Repair for your game 3. If you're using Windows10, Disable DVR app in Xbox 4. Try different version of DirectX 5. Try IP Release, renew and flushing DNS to resolve most connectivity issues - Click here 6. Try de-fragmenting your disks 7. Disable any UI and delete your temporary data files in WTF and Cache. Be sure to make a back-up. 8. If nothing works, uninstall and install FS BFA again. 9. If you're using wi-fi, consider switching to an ethernet cable If you could provide me with a screenshot of the issue, I might be able to suggest a specific fix, but disconnection issues might be due to variety of errors. Your thread will now be locked, but if you're still having the same issue - feel free to open a new one. Regards, HGM Effigy
  14. Greetings @firestorm1, Migrations between Sylvanas and Sethraliss are not available at this point in time. To stay up-to-date with all new information regarding the server I suggest regularly checking News and if you're interested in recent fixes - we have the Changelogs - BFA log and Legion log. The transfer between expansions will be added to the Shop, the menu on the left. I will now close your thread, but if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to either open a new one or contact us. Respectfully yours, Head Game Master Effigy
  15. Greetings @prokadin, There's no known issue that causes specific races to crash the game. If you're getting an error, take a screenshot and post it as a new thread, so we could suggest a solution. Since your post is old, I'll move it to archive, but don't hessitate to open a new one with any problems you might be having. Yours trully, HGM Effigy