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  1. The game will indeed be automaticaly updated to 7.3.5 with the launcher monday, however the first time you will start the game it will take between 5 and 30 minutes to download the missing 7.3.5 game data (the Firestorm Launcher will just update the executables to 7.3.5 and install the news required addons). If your game have already downloaded the 7.3.5 data while you was playing on the PTR all you have to do is Follow the method #4 (download the .zip patch, extract it into your actual game folder and start the game with Firestorm.exe). There is not patcher that download the game data, the game itself download the missing data the first time you launch it in streaming so you can't really see the speed. However the game download it directly on the blizzard CDN so you can expect a very good speed
  2. The issue should be fixed by now. If it's not please contact me on discord in DM.
  3. Hey, I'm going to look for your node loot issues, @Sketter (a QA team member) already report it to me and we'll fix that for the next update. However, everything was fine on the test realm so that should be a minor issues, i'm sorry for the inconvenience. Regarding your VIP issues, we've already talked about this with others admins and we'll offer some free days of VIP as compensation for the downtimes of the last week. Shelby
  4. I'm going to look and keep you updated guys, everything was fine on the test server.
  5. Since Suramar isn't available yet only quests in Aszuna an Valsharah are working at the moment. But all others things should works (loot tables, learning of the legion profession, questline up to ranks 2 where it's in Aszuna/Valsharah).
  6. did you close and relaunch your game ? You can also shutdown your internet router for few mins & restart it to force the update of DNS.
  7. Can you PM me on discord ?
  8. Post the result of the ping here please
  9. If after the @Hearts tips you still can't connect, please open a prompt, enter 'ping' and screenshot the result here.
  10. The wow error with russian client will be fixed at the next server restart
  11. We'll refund you the valor points, sorry for the inconvenience
  12. That will be fixed by hotfix tomorrow morning.
  13. Some heirlooms item was for sell for free, we've temporarily despawn them. They will be back tomorrow!
  14. We need to release every dungeons in order to continue the legendary questline. Lot of fixs for Auchindoun, IronDock and Everbloom are coming very soon (like this week or next week max) and a new dungeon will be released : Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. After that, our dungeon developer will continue his work on the last dungeon needed for the legendary questline : Grimrail Depot. We'll try to finish Grimrail Depot for the next update (beginning of july).
  15. Ok guys, we've start to investigate and find some things : Glancing blows have been updated by blizzard at WoD switch (6.0.2 patchnote) and doesn't supposed to apply when fighting creatures up to 3 levels higher. On Firestorm realms, Glancing blows mechanic still work for creatures up to 2 levels higher (so boss & dummys since they are level 103). That can make a hugh dps drop for all melee classes & hunter pets. There is a mistake in Parry chance calculation for hunter pets, it's supposed to be 3% and it's was something like 18%. We'll continue to investigate and keep you updated.