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  1. It will come when it comes, patience is a virtue.
  2. Approximately ten years ago this entire project started. The project started off with The Burning Crusade and then later on progressed to the latest expansion that is Legion. Our goal was to provide safe private servers where your data is protected, you could enjoy the games, and expansions you love. Right now with more than 10,000 players playing across various expansions at our peak hours we could say that goal was fulfilled. Two years ago we merged all our brands into a single name, Firestorm was born, and we’re proud of what we have done so far. Time flies so quick, you can see the progression and updates to our servers have increased! To celebrate Firestorm and the project, we’ll be giving you guys an in-depth development blog on what’s next for each realm! To celebrate the project and Firestorm's birthday we'll be distributing a Firestorm promotional code. The code is for 17 points: "timeflies" valid until October 24th, 2017 at 07:00 AM. We would like to thank all the players who played on our Vanilla realm Blackrock. Unfortunately, we have tried to keep the vanilla realm but the interest of the community isn't enough to keep it alive. Blackrock will be closing and departing from Firestorm. Let's move on to some exciting more news for our other realms. Sylvanas: Emerald Nightmare: The true challenge has arrived at Firestorm! Emerald Nightmare Mythic is unleashed upon Sylvanas! Beware of the dangers ahead, because on that plane of existence nothing is always what it looks like! Are you prepared to face on the nightmare the opponents you thought defeated? Gather your friends, guild and fight the True Nightmare! The Arcway: We have been working on this dungeon and it’s currently on the last phase of development. This dungeon should be released within the next two weeks! Court of Stars: This will be the last dungeon of Legion to come. Once we’ve completed and finalized The Arcway, we’ll move on to this dungeon. We expect it to be ready by the end of November! Karazhan: Sometimes players wonder how we are progressing with Karazhan! Well, we have some great news! It's almost fully scripted and we expect a full launch within 2 weeks! This will be one of the best dungeons you ever seen on Firestorm, that we can promise you! Trial of Valor: The development for Trial of Valor has started, and currently it's in Alpha state! Members of the Quality Assurance Team are testing it to ensure there are no issues with it, and the full release is scheduled for early December. Nighthold: The development for Nighthold has started, and it's currently in Alpha state! Members of the Quality Assurance Team will begin testing it, and reporting bugs back to the developers. We expect the first wing to be out by the end of the year. Clustering System: We have introduced a clustering system for player vs. player instances which will reduce the delay for arenas and battlegrounds. We've completed numerous amounts of test sessions and so far it's working well. Pre-season Ending: It's finally here, we are reaching the end of the pre-season. We will be giving rewards for this pre-season but only for 3s and rated battlegrounds. They will be processed on a similar way retail does, top alliance and horde (requires 50 games played on 3s). Gladiator: Top 0.5% and 100 Firestorm gold points. Duelist: Top 3.0% and 75 Firestorm gold points. Rival: Top 10.0% and 50 Firestorm gold points. Challenger: Top 35.0% and 25 Firestorm gold points. When we officially start season one you should expect the following: new and optimised templates, battleground and arenas fixes, increased item level to elite 875 with a weekly reward 880, and rewards matching Legion Season 1. We'll post more insights to the season and what to expect from it as well. Player vs. Player (New realm): You have read this correctly, we are soon going to open a new realm for Legion which is a tournament type. Imagine a realm fully dedicated to player vs. player, instant level 110, templates enabled everywhere, instant level 25 artifact knowledge, no raids, no world quests, no world bosses, no dungeons, it’s pure player vs. player at all levels. We’ve decided to name our realm “Greymane” and we’ll provide more information on it very soon, so keep looking out for it. World Quests: Stormheim World Quests are near to be done and should arrive on Firestorm sometime this month! As well as, we have begun to work on the Suramar World Quests, and they should arrive to Firestorm within a few weeks after the Stormheim ones. Development Cycle: As of right now, most classes are at a state where they're considered functional. So, we slowed down the cycle to fix and develop other content. Now that it's done, we'll have constant workflow of class fixes. Gul'dan: Cross-faction: Based on your suggestions we've implemented the cross-faction feature. We appreciate your feedback, and glad you love this new way to play. Hellfire Citadel: We currently have 6 bosses available on Hellfire Citadel, and we're currently working on finishing scripting the rest of the raid. Members of the Quality Assurance team on Gul'dan have been working on testing this raid. Legendary Questline: We are currently working on fixing the Legendary Questline, so that everyone can obtain their legendaries. Garrosh: Siege of Orgrimmar: For our more dedicated raiders, we will continue to release Siege of Orgrimmar bosses in heroic mode, ending with Garrosh Hellscream. Expect at least 2 new bosses every changelog, Starting with upcoming heroic mode of Malkorok and Spoils of Pandaria. Player vs. Player: We've been constantly applying updates to improve the quality of player vs. player on Garrosh. There have been many fixes to battlegrounds and arenas that weren't announced, however we're working on this unique feature for players who are interested in player vs player. We hope to have this applied to our servers soon, however be patient and keep your eyes peeled for this unique feature! Deathwing: An update will be applied to Deathwing which includes spell fixes, new content and some tune ups. Icecrown: We're ready to deploy a huge update containing many new fixes, new content for our Wrath of the Lich King players! As you can see, we're constantly working behind the scenes on new content. We know you are excited about the next change log and so are we, but don't forget that even if there is no change log we're still working hard. Also, we know we haven't posted one of these in awhile that's why we provided you some screenshots of the content we're working on. We'd like to thank all members of the staff Game Masters, Forum Moderators, Quality Assurances, Players, etc. for constantly helping us out! Until next time, we wish you a good game and hope to see you in-game. Firestorm team's
  3. The magical weekend of Black Friday is finally here! After a week of +30% of extra points, we told ourselves that it wasn't enough for this special period. We discussed it briefly enough and concluded that you deserve a bonus up to your expectations. So here it is. The unique opportunity to get +70% addition points on each purchase of Firestorm Points. The promotion is available until Monday, November 27th, 2017 at 23:59 (GMT +1). To purchase Firestorm Points click here, and you can spend your points at any time on the Firestorm Shop. Don't miss out!
  4. With the incoming release of The Emerald Nightmare in Mythic, we have decided to increase the item level cap. The new cap is now 895 and Mythic+ will be increased to +15 in order to reflect the release mentioned above. Item level from drops will rise up to 875, with the weekly chest granting a base item level of 880. We have bigger news coming soon! Mythic 1: 840 Mythic 2: 845 Mythic 3: 845 Mythic 4: 850 Mythic 5: 850 Mythic 6: 855 Mythic 7: 855 Mythic 8: 860 Mythic 9: 860 Mythic 10: 865 Mythic 11: 865 Mythic 12: 865 Mythic 13: 870 Mythic 14: 870 Mythic 15 and above: 875 All weekly chests will remain the same and all loot you obtain has a chance to proc an upgrade up to 895! Stay tuned and have fun!
  5. Information: This update pack will be applied on Monday, November 20th, 2017 during the day. General Some optimizations have been done towards decreasing overall server delay, more optimizations are yet to come, we are still monitoring performance. Many optimizations and algorithm improvements towards selecting proper item for specialization. (Bonus loot, personal loot, lootbox) Improve “Move To” pet command, should fix issues with pet auto-attack while “Move To” is active. Solve issue with “Attack” command not being properly activated while pet is attacking/in combat. Dungeon finder “Teleport In” function will no longer be available for use while in combat. Improvements towards height collision and line of sight. Solve issue where in some zones your client would crash due to spawned creatures with invalid entries. Zones Standing in Ordos’ area will now affect you with Raids, Dungeons and Instances General: Upon wiping or defeating an encounter, all cooldowns (class spells) at or above 5 minutes will be reseted for all players. Dragon Soul: Scripted the following vehicles:, and Throne of Thunder: Ji-Kun: Solve issue with the feathers, granted by defeating the encounter, which didn’t allow for them to be used by players. Siege of Orgrimmar: Immerseus: Corrected the position of the chest. Norushen: Completing a trial will now remove from players’ pets also. will now be spawned only within the perimeter of the fight. will no longer be affected by Galakras: Further corrections to boss intro phase, should be flawless after these changes. After defeating the encounter, on-screen world state tower stats will properly be removed. and’s damages will now be properly shared between targets. and will now despawn instantly. casted by boss, will no longer target boss also. will now only visualize a beam towards target, instead of towards boss also. Kor’kron Dark Shamans: Heroic: will now be affected by damage reducing effects. General Nazgrim: Solve an issue with where it would not properly visualize on all occasions. Malkorok: Heroic: will now spawn 2 orbs (5 in 25 Heroic Mode) every 3 seconds, and will be properly despawned upon wipe or defeat.’s orbs will now be spawned at random locations within the perimeter of the platform.’s orbs will no longer spawn while is active. Corrected’s buff application to nearby targets. will now despawn 5 seconds after being killed. will now be removed upon's death. Corrected loot in 25 Heroic Mode. Enabled loot. Thok the Bloodthirsty: will no longer make affected targets out of line of sight for other players. will no longer affect targets affected by it. Will no longer be able to two targets simultaneously. Corrected mechanic again, should resolve all current issues with boss becoming dummy-like. Heroic: will now fly out during the second regular phase after second will now jump down during the third regular phase after second Boss will now cast after eating a prisoner. Scripted and Enabled loot. Spoils of Pandaria: Creatures spawned by one room will no longer be able to get aggroed by creatures or players from another room. Heroic: Corrected health for in 10 HC and 25 HC mode. Corrected health for in 10 HC and 25 HC mode. Scripted debuff from will now correctly spawn upon death of a crate’s spawn. Enabled loot Siegecrafter Blackfuse: Corrected spawn position. Re-wrote targeting of will no longer affect hovering Enabled loot in Heroic Mode. There are two rules that govern the Overcharging of weapons. The first is that Overcharging is done based on a priority system, which is as follows: Electromagnet Crawler Mines Missile Turret Laser Turret The second rule is that the same weapon cannot become Overcharged twice in a row. Transport Pipes: Corrected exploit, which allowed for player to attack boss while on conveyor and the rest of the raid have died. Improved script, should result in smoother transition between beams and will no longer randomly fail to damage players. Solved an issue where deactivated weapons didn’t always come out the other side as activated weapons. Solved an issue where destroying a weapon would cause for it to never to be activated again throughout the fight (exploit). Deactivated Weapons will now appear in the encounter frames. Heroic: will now periodically activate a deactivated beam and deactivated an activated beam, every 5 seconds. Electromagnet: Corrected’s movement induced by Solved an issue where encounter creatures, including would stop moving while is active. will now be affected by shortly after it’s landed if is already active. Heroic: will now alternate pulling and pushing players and sawblades, instead of simply pulling them to the magnet. This back-and-forth continues while the Electromagnet is active, but before it despawns it will still remove all of the sawblades, as in its non-overcharged version. Shockwave Missile Turret: Corrected visualization of drill waves. Heroic: now successively summon three Missile Turret NPCs on the platform, instead of casting Each of these NPCs will cast drill waves continuously until it is killed. When one is killed, the next one spawns, until you have killed all 3 turrets. Crawler Mine: will now despawn 5 seconds after dying. Corrected target beam of Added boss warning when has targeted you. Will now spawn 6 x in 25 player modes. Heroic: now spawn 2 acts exactly like, except that when it dies, it splits up into two will despawn instantly upon dying. Laser Turret: will no longer rapidly stack due to stacking of flames. Standing in laser beam will now periodically increase your stacks. Heroic: no longer follow a player with a laser beam, but instead they now create three concentric rings of fire on the floor of the platform. These rings of fire do not touch, however, leaving several safe areas for raid members. Battlegrounds & Arenas Battlegrounds: Deepwind Gorge: Victory points will no longer randomly stop being displayed. Leaving the starting zone with teleport/leap/charge abilities will no longer be possible. Holding a cart will no longer allow you to benefit from speed buffs. Temple of Kotmogu: Orbs will now be displayed on map. Twin Peaks: Alliance team will no longer be able to mount-up near the left exit during the starting countdown. Eye of the Storm: The flag will now be obtainable when dropped by a carrier. Remove misplaced collision object in Mage and Blood Elf towers. Strand of the Ancients: will now be removed from all teams’ members after warm-up has been warm-up has completed. will now be able to be picked up. Gate doors will now properly act as line of sight for pets and spell casts, and will properly remove their line of sight properties when demolished. Arenas: General: Solve issue where rating change for disconnected players would not show properly. Ruins of Lordaeron: Add collision for tombs. Dalaran Sewers: Has been re-enabled. General Spells Getting rooted by spells, e.g will no longer cause your cast to be interrupted. will now leap you forwards, instead of backwards. Vengeance attack power gains will now benefit also from unmitigated damage (before reductions, e.g armor). Vengeance attack power gains from critical strikes will now be halved (as if the damage wasn’t critical),,, and’s crowd controls will no longer appear in control loss UI. Scripted used by Scripted used by Siege of Orgrimmar dropped trinkets. Solve issue with area of effect spells (e.g being able to affect out of LoS targets. Death Knight will now properly display gained critical rating. Solve issue with will no longer make the caster immune to snares. will now properly convert a depleted non-death rune to a death rune. Death runes induced by will now properly return to normal after used. Druid will now be properly consumed by Eclipses. Refreshing or will now only refresh the debuff that you induced, instead of the first debuff found on target. Hunter’s hit outcome will now be affected by victim’s miss chance. will no longer cause for affected targets to glitch when killed. Mage will no longer be able to be casted before a duel beginning. will no longer be able to be casted on targets behind you. will no longer consume will now always remove stuns, unless is active. Corrected distance in some cases. Paladin,,,’s heals will now be duplicated by will no longer vanish after a few duplicated heals, instead will keep healing until it despawns.’s duplicated heal by will no longer heal twice. will now affect party members from whole raid, instead of caster’s group only. Priest Using on a druid with will no longer cause for the priest to be unable to move the druid. Secondly, the druid will now properly gain control back after has dissipated. Rogue attacks done by will no longer penetrate line of sight and auras such as Shaman attacks done by will no longer penetrate line of sight and auras such as will now longer auto-cast Creatures Scripted the following non-player characters: Fixed the following non-player characters: Added the following non-player characters to the game. will be lootable now. is not flying anymore. After killing you will get the reputation, faction corrected. faction is corrected. Quests Fixed the map tracker of the following quests: The following quests are scripted: Added quest completion events for the following quests: and more victims are added. Items Fixed Objects Added the following objects: Scripted Achievements Fixed,, and Fixed,, and
  6. Yes, but remember that most staff are volunteers and they have work/school etc.
  7. The issue should be fixed by now. If it's not please contact me on discord in DM.
  8. Information: This update pack was applied on November 6th, 2017. General Fixed many sources of realm instability. Guild Master Loot should now be fully functional. Fixed an issue causing a wow error directly at the start of the loading screen (affected players have been relocated to their home position). Fixed an issue causing some players to lose a prestige level after a crash. Fixed an issue causing guild realm first achievements to be earned more than once. Fixed some guild group conditions. Back-ported lag tolerance (spell queue) implementation from our Mists of Pandaria realm: Lag tolerance allows you to queue a spell cast while within global cooldown (only while less than 0.4s remaining), which will be casted automatically once the cooldown has ended. Pvp templates: reworked calculations for main stats. Suramar City is now less dense and work has begun to make the city more alive and blizzlike. In Preparation for Stormheim World Quests, NPCs in Stormheim has been scripted, over 200 NPCs have been scripted to make the zone feel more alive. In Preparation for Suramar WQ and Suramar City release, roughly 100 NPCs has been scripted with the majority being in Suramar City. With the release of World Quest in all zones, the majority of all NPCs in Broken Isle should now be engaging you in combat with Spells and Abilities (Estimating a bit over 500 different NPCs in total) A Legion secret has been scripted. Zones Highmountain: has been scripted, Demon hunters with or Paladins with can catch her and see her for what she is. will be visible now even though you have are phased. Suramar: has been added in Suramar City Decreased the amount of NPCs in Suramar City, Falanor and Telanor so it's less overcrowded. Raids, Dungeons and Instances General: You must now have an average item level of 810 minimum to queue for and heroic mode. Fixed the dungeon objectives UI for normal and heroic modes. Fixed dynamic size of now only affects players (for the damaging part). cannot targets players more than 2 yards away. Bloodlust debuffs are now removed after a wipe/kill on a boss (raids). Fixed an issue on mythic raid bindings. is not affected by Teeming affix anymore. is not affected by Teeming affix anymore. is not affected by Teeming affix anymore. General: Fixed all trash mobs before Fixed damages of’s Fixed’s Fixed some trashes spawn positions. Fixed some trashes respawn time. Fixed Fixed’s light kick. Fixed’s Fixed spells of Fixed reapplying of Fixed spells of Add resurrection checkpoints. Increase’s speed by a bit. Add a little delay to the boss introduction. Fixed summon count and position of Fixed spells of Fixed spells of Fixed spells of Fixed spells of Fixed spells of Fixed some text spamming. Fixed an unexpected reset issue. Fixed some issues with The boss is now unattackable during the introduction. The boss is now correctly attackable after her introduction. The boss does now correctly resets if pulled too far away. Add the exit dungeon gossip after the boss death. Fixed an issue making exploding instantly. Fixed an issue making stuck on the boss position. Fixed interaction of with is now unable to move. does now stun players. Fixed movement speed and damages. Fixed boss outro. Fixed health pool of Fixed down scaling. Fixed’s egg range activation. cannot suffer from crowd control effects anymore. General: Release of the mythic and mythic+ mode. Enabled loots and achievements for both difficulties. Fixed several issues with loots. Improved Reset mechanic. Fixed Corstilax doing melee attacks while casting Improved Reset mechanic. will not target pets anymore. Fixed not teleporting Nal’tira properly back. Added behaviour. Fixed an issue causing the boss to repeat it’s revival over and over again. Fixed not causing an explosion. General: Release of the mythic mode. Add completion of Add completion of The boss does now reset if the whole raid is controlled. Fixed bonus damages of Improved soaking of damaging pools. Added some missing loots. Fixed’s Fixed an issue causing to be triggered twice in a row. Fixed some auras that are now removed at the end of the encounter. Fixed eggs range activation. Fixed damages. Fixed random size issue. Fixed bonus damages. Fixed energy regen rate for each phase. Fixed some spell timers. Fixed flying speed of the boss. Fixed an issue preventing some players to have loots. Fixed an issue preventing some players to trade loots. Fixed some auras that are now removed at the end of the encounter. : Fixed cosmetics whispers as introduction. Fixed cast time. Fixed a LOS issue for second phase. Fixed Fixed’s health pool. Fixed’s health pool. that are spawned on the edges of the area are now correctly attacking players. Fixed’s Fixed double summon. Fixed double summon. Fixed Fixed Fixed model size of Fixed a wrong flying animation for the four dragons. Fixed some spell timers and energy regen rates of the four dragons. cannot targets tanks anymore. Fixed’s health pool. Fixed’s health pool and spells. Fixed an exploit allowing a stealthed player to aggro only one dragons instead of all. Fixed display and movement speed of Fixed an issue preventing dragons from being targeted. Fixed dynamic size. Fixed waves pattern and spawn positions. Fixed spreading mechanic of Fixed Fixed now spawning on Fixed spells of Allowed to cleanse only one add of a pack. Fixed some interruptables spells. Increase reset distance of the boss. : Fixed damages of player’s pets. Fixed down scaling. Fixed an issue allowing players to teleport back in the boss area during the encounter. cannot targets players affected by and vice versa. and cannot target tanks anymore. Fixed damages. Fixed spawn, and now cannot target dreaming players. cannot fixate the main target of the spell anymore. are now invisible until they exit the Fixed movement of does now continue channeling Dispelling does now triggers a Fixed boss reset range. Fixed Fixed player respawn position after the boss death. Fixed interaction with Fixed boss reset position. Fixed boss health pool. Fixed timer. General Spells Fixed hitbox refreshing after a size change. Fixed many spells that should target in a cone behind the caster. Fixed an exploit allowing players to deal damage on creatures with the Luchador costumes spells. Invisible and Stealthed characters now correctly take damage and are revealed when standing in an AOE. All DOTs are now dynamic, except Feral Druid’s ones, which still have snapshot mechanic. Fixed an issue allowing one to spawn toys without CD while controlling a creature ( for example). Death Knight Fixed, now correctly does full damage in Player vs. Player. Fixed, the damage has been corrected.'s Now benefits from mastery. Can be interrupted. Can crit.'s Now benefits from mastery. Can be interrupted. Fixed autoattack damage., now benefits from mastery., now benefits from mastery. now uses Fixed damage. Fixed behavior. Now uses Now uses Fixed many issues, and rescripted Fixed, now works correctly. Demon Hunter Fixed learning of for Vengeance specialisations. Fixed learning of for Vengeance specialisations. Fixed learning of for Vengeance specialisations. Fixed learning of for Vengeance specialisations. Fixed, the proc rate is now correct. Fixed, now works correctly. and now correctly refund fury when spell crits. Fixed, no longer deals damage to targets that are not in the line of sight of the Demon Hunter. Druid Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Corrected's proc per minute rate. Fixed, and are no longer castable when not in Fixed, now works correctly. Now is removed by Fixed damage. Fixed moonkin form visual. Fixed, AoE damage. Hunter Hati can critical strike on and (BM). Fixed, now removes poisons and bleeds. Fixed, visual effect is corrected. Fixed, damages bonus is now correct. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, the healing value is correct. Fixed, the healing value is correct. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, no longer works in duels, on dummies and World Boss. casted by Nether Ray pets now correctly apply to affected allies. Fixed, now works with and Fixed, a bug when the spell is interrupted on changing targets with ‘tab’ button. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now only works with players criticals hit. correctly disorient enemies. Mage Fixed damage, spread and general behaviour with one or multiple mages corrected (Fire) [YAY]! Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now contributes to Fixed, now proc rate is correct. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. no longer resets stacks in arena. Fixed, visual effects. Fixed, now reapply ignite. Fixed damage bonus. Fixed visual counter. Fixed on portals: Add and to trainers. Required level for is now 105. Required level for is now 110. will let you learn portal and teleport spells. Added destination for , before it didn't do anything when clicking on it. Fixed destination for and , before it caused an error. Monk Fixed, now works correctly with the spell Fixed, now create only 1 Healing sphere Fixed, now works correctly Stagger bar now works correctly! Fixed issues with stacking causing the Monk to take an incorrect amount of damage now correctly gets paused for 3 seconds when is empowered by Fixed, now players cannot re enter in the ring again. Paladin Fixed an issue causing to heal for a negative value. Fixed Heal Ratio on,, and now correctly heal the beacons. Fixed an issue with and causing the Paladin to gain lifesteal when casted on himself. improved by no longer deals %Max Health damage to elite+ creatures, instead it uses the caster’s max health. Artifact’s trait now works correctly (Protection). and now correctly get removed when the paladin changes specialisation (Retribution). Fixed, should now increase healing damage as it should (Holy). Fixed, a bug with aggro range. Fixed, damage amount is now correct. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now heal allies inside the consecration. Now works with Now doesn’t hit main target. Fixed, now increases the duration of consecration as it should even if a consecration was already applied on the target. Priest Fixed an issue on DoTs refreshing for Shadow specialisations. Fixed the 30% refresh rule on Fixed, the buff will now remove. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now procs correctly. Fixed, now restore mana correctly. Fixed, now absorbs correct damages and prevents daze. Fixed Can no longer spawn multiple T’uures. T’uures are now casting only one spell for each spell casted by the priest. now only heal up to 5 players. no longer proc for each enemy hit, but just once. T’uures can no longer move. Fixed armor of Holy Priest with templates. Fixed, is now removed by only. Rogue Fixed, now will hit in AoE, and proc chance is corrected. Fixed, now works with all spells. Fixed, now works correctly. no longer grants damage nor crowd control immunity, and is correctly cancelled by spell cast. no longer gives absurd amount of CP. Fixed finishing moves: no longer spend CP when the attack is missed, parried or dodged. Fixed, will now proc by is now implemented. Fixed, fixed proc. Fixed, now correctly increase damages of Shaman Fixed, will no longer stack (Restoration). Fixed, now refunds the correct amount of mana. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now can proc with Fixed, now works correctly with off hand. now correctly triggers onto 2 (or 3 with allies only. and with no longer trigger or are affected by diminishing return. Fixed Doom wolves are now able to do critical strikes. Doom wolves now uses their spell according to which element infuses them. Doom wolves’ movement speed has been corrected. Doom wolves are now using their jump. Fixed a bug with maelstrom cap on changing specialisation. is now implemented. Warlock Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, soul shards generation is corrected. Fixed, now works correctly with and won’t ignore line of sight anymore. Fixed Portals are no longer targetable. Portals are no longer affected by aoe heals. Duration of the debuff preventing the use of portals has been fixed. Fixed health of and Fixed Duration can no longer exceed 130% of base duration. When the aura expires it now correctly causes damage according to the duration of the last tick. Fixed killing blow issue: Now, taking part in the kill of a target will correctly trigger,, and even if the warlock is not the killer. Fixed, the proc will no longer interrupt Fixed, now won’t attack allies or caster. Warrior Fixed, damage and tooltip adjusted (Fury - Trait). Fixed, proc chance (was too high). Fixed, proc chance. Fixed, now cannot be interrupted by defensive spells. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now heals correctly. Quests Professions: Alchemy: is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. Fixed boss kill credit for Fixed boss kill credit for Fixed boss kill credit for will be available after completing Inscription: Fixed loots obtained by milling Legion Herbs World Quests: Stormheim: is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. Suramar: is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. is fixed. Items Legendary Items: Death Knight: Corrected's proc chance. is now implemented. Corrected, now procs by Dancing Rune Weapon’s spell. Fixed, some bugs. Corrected's proc. Fixed, now can be proc on targets immuned to snare. Druid: Fixed, now will only proc in Feral specialisation. Hunter: Fixed, refreshing. Mage: Fixed, now works correctly on boss. Monk: Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now procs only with Paladin: When is equiped, empowered now only has its healing increased (and not its damage) conforming to the tooltip. The resulting heal for beacons has been corrected. Shaman: is now implemented. Fixed now works with all bloodlust effects. Corrected's proc calculations. Warlock: Fixed, now works correctly. Warrior: Fixed, no longer gives absurd amount of Rage when is cast on multiple targets thanks to Fixed, now works correctly. Multiclass: Fixed, now works correctly. Items: Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, now works correctly. Fixed, corrected the damages. Mists of Pandaria legendary cloaks (,,,, and have had their effects removed due to insane scaling in Legion. Visuals stay. Fixed, statue correctly despawns when caster moves. Fixed, no longer damages the targets of your heals. Fixed, damage and proc conditions adjusted. Fixed, no longer shields yourself when you have leech. Fixed, now teaches to summon a battle pet. Fixed, now cannot be used when a player is carrying the bg flag. Fixed, now cannot be used when a player is carrying the bg flag. Fixed, damage and moving. Professions Alchemy: is correctly spawns the cauldron. is correctly giving the player a bonus according to his specialisation.
  9. The time has come, battle against the twisted shade of the Guardian Medivh and a new, fearsome Legion commander, known as Viz'aduum the Watcher. Champions you have to stop him from opening a second major gateway for the Burning Legion to flood Azeroth with their unholy forces. Gather all your strength and enter on a new Karazhan! Better bring your best friends along or else you might face your demise inside its walls! The fate of Azeroth is in your hands! We are counting on you! The full release will be on Friday, November 3rd, 2017 and it includes our special event Nightbane scripted! Loot and achievements will be available.
  10. They are here, Stormheim World Quests! A new adventure awaits you in this area, get ready for 52 unique world quests that will take you from to Use your grappling hook and explore this area like never before.
  11. Information: This update pack has already been applied. General Released Black Market (filling data left). Fixed possibility to pass raid items after the end of a pass timer. Fixed possible mechanics loss at Wintergrasp workshops. Dead passengers can no more use transport. Fixed possible trade exploits. Fixed exploits with sending letters and items disenchant. Fixed an exploit and improved quest share system. Fixed possible resurrection exploit. Fixed an exploit with freezing players by using different text in chat. Fixed minimal skill value for learning new recipes. Fixed too close distance after moving behind the back in some cases. Fixed matching items at auction if a player has already learned a spell from item. Implemented swimming animation for creatures in water. Now, all tabard vendors (not only in Dalaran) can restore deleted tabards. Fixed a bug, when player could not get rest in capital or on faction territory. Implemented momental save of items, got as a reward for a quest. It works only for items of rare quality and more and items, needed for quests. Fixed a bug with antispam mail counter reset after relog. You can no more send mail if you are muted. Spam reports are now binded to spammer account, it helps not to reset reports by logging out. Fixed an exploit, that allowed to get loot from items twice in case of teleport to another location. Fixed miss chance in case of attacking creatures lowe than 10 level. Fixed update of visible possibility of interaction with some objects after getting some items (for example The RP-GG). Fixed work of path finding for pets after using rejection effects on them. Teleport NPC now demands 50 gold for his service, except teleport to a duel zone. Fixed 4 reasons of server crash. Implemented random daily quest of and factions. Zones Added Wintergrasp teleport for Horde in Dalaran. It only works when Wintergrasp is under control of Horde. Alliance Wintergrasp teleport also works only when Wintergrasp is under control of Alliance. Fixes of settling The Storm Peaks in area of Forlorn Mine. Raids, Dungeons and Instances Pit of Saron: General: Fixed event when players enter the instance. Scourgelord Tyrannus: Fixed start of a battle. Ulduar: General: Fixed an exploit with stats increase during a battle with General Vezax. Mimiron: Fixed possibility to deal damage to Bomb Bot. Razorscale: Fixed boss landing, and using Trial of the Champion: Fixed opening entrance gate after wipe on trash of second boss. Fixed battle with champions in case of skipping the dialogue. Implemented possibility to skip starter event. Utgarde Pinnacle: Skadi the Ruthless: Fixed possible reason of boss hanging between 1st and 2nd phase. Fixed a bug, with using much harpoons. Drakkari Colossus Boss is no more affected by throwing effects. Icecrown Citadel: General: Returned Vengeful Fleshreaper patrol in The Plagueworks. Fixed attack of turned captains in event before Valithria Dreamwalker. Fixed start of movement before its activation. Fixed casting spells by Fixed bugs with getting the right height at some parts of frozen throne and platform. The Lich King: Fixed falling of under textures. Removed taunt immune from Wicked Spirit. Turned off possibility to charge or blink after Val'kyr drops a player. Fixed amount and speed of bomb movement in frozen chamber. Fixed damage of Added possibility to get in case of killing boss in 25 people heroic mode without strengthening aura. Fixed applying in case of death of a player in frozen chamber. Rotface: Fixed Gunship battle: Fixed possibility of attack enemy ship before its arrival. Fixed damage of siege weapons. Fixed boss damage. Also added immune to disarm effects. Fixed HP of bosses. Fixed stacking speed of Fixed using by Lord Marrowgar: Fixed melee attack of a boss after spell. Lady Deathwisper: Fixed possible mass summon of Fixed animation of cast. after summon attacks raid, and does not stay in one spot. Implemented blizzlike timers of summon during 2nd phase. Fixed speed and size of can no more be interrupted by control spells. Fixed visual failures of summoning assistance. Implemented blizzlike timers and order of boss assistance strengthen. Implemented correct transformation of adds after using Sindragosa: Restored visibility check of ice blocks. Damage of is now shown as friendly. Gundrak: Fixed and The Slave Pens: Fixed reward for completing random instance. The Underbog: Fixed reward for completing random instance. Temple of Ahn'Qiraj: C'Thun: Fixed timers of periodic summon of Giant Claws and Giant Tentacles. Fixed blizzlike throw of a player from stomach of a boss. Fixed behaviour model of tentacles. Fixed starter timers of Giant Claws and Giant Tentacles summon, implemented aura for boss decreasing damage in 99%. Implemented blizzlike spawn of C'Tun body. Implemented blizzlike death of C'Tun. Fixed Tentacles can now deal damage to players of higher level, and correctly disappear after wipe. Fixed boss location and Eye of C'Tun hitbox. The Eye: Kael'thas Sunstrider: Fixed localization of text. Phoenix now attack raid after summon and correctly disappear after wipe. Fixed boss fly during 5th phase of a battle and bug with corpse hanging in the air. The Obsidian Sanctum: Fixed localization of text. Fixed spawn of next to all bosses. Halls of Stone: Fixed boss text spam. Blackwing Lair: General: Fixed boss text localization. Loot tables of bosses are now blizzlike. Nefarian: Fixed Fixed Fixed Spells "Class Call" now work on all players of current class in raid. Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed The Ruby Sanctum: Halion: Added delay for target selection of Living Ember and Living Inferno. Some small fixes. Utgarde Keep: Ingvar the Plunderer: Boss uses autoattack during resurrection no more. The Mechanar: Pathaleon the Calculator: Fixed boss behaviour when casting in case of solo battle with a boss. Auchenai Crypts: Fixed stats and behaviour of and Battlegrounds & Arenas Implemented general queue among solo 3v3 and rated 3v3. Much fixes of balance, mmr, rating counter, player selection and forming teams for solo 3v3. Fixed visibility crystal spawn time at arena. Fixed possible bugs with auras (for example Track Humanoids of Druids) after moving to cross server. Fixed restoring health by machines at Isle of Conquest. Fixed deleting quick combat crystals when arena starts. Armed Demolisher at Isle of Conquest, fixed its faction. Fixed possible odd passive aura removal of Hunter pets during arena play. General Spells Fixed an exploit with using in any time. Fixed an exploit with ignoring cooldowns of some spells. Fixed an exploit, that allowed to stack stats with the help of some spells that change stances and forms. Fixed bugs, when Charge could not be used at plain surface, also improved charge work in water or air. Implemented mechanics of melee/range attack timer reset in case of using another attack type. Cooldown of spells is now saved only for hunter pets, Disorientation after summon ( works after repeated summon no more. Improved distance count for target selection of or Cone of Cold. Auras, that lower speed, have no other effects, are now removed completely in case of using effects of immune. Already active spells of the next hit can now be used during Fixed applying automatic attack in case of inability to cast spell of the following hit. Improved detection of using teleport cheats under the effect of control. Creatures, having CastAI (for example, Gargoyle of Death Knight) can no more use spells more than every 0.5 seconds. Hunter In case of summon-resurrection dead pet it appears alive. talent works on target out of vision range no more. Added delay for activating talent after trap activation. Removed message of interrupted automatic shooting when entering melee range. Fixed using when a pet is out of hunter vision range or is under control. Fixed incorrect calculation of dead zone in case of range attack. Pets is now correctly removed by next successful attack. Mage Fixed removal of by enemies cast. Paladin Healing from now uses bonus healing of a player under the effect, not a player who applied it. Warrior Implemented automatic attack timer stop when casting Creatures Implemented blizzlike behaviour of and Fixed display of Blizzlike settling of and Implemented blizzlike behaviour of Settled blizzlike NPC also improved battle script. Fixed location of Fix of settling, waypoints, scripts of and Fixed an exploit with plural spawn of and Added waypoints for Fixed NPC. Fixed display of Quests Fixed quest Fixed quest. Fixed work of Fixed work of Fixed blizzlike quest Fixed quest Fixed blizzlike quest Fixed blizzlike quest Fixed blizzlike quest Fixed blizzlike quest Added loot to dragons, that are settled in Burning Steppes for quest. Implemented giving item in case of its loss for and quests. Fixed quest. Fixed blizzlike quest Fixed Fixed, ,, and quests. Fixed blizzlike quest Fixed appearance of option of combat start for enemies for quest lines and Fixed blizzlike quest Items transmogrification item is now one-handed. Fixed proc of from periodic damage. buff is now applied from every separately. Fixed display of transmogrification item. Fixed using Ultra-Flash Shadow Reflector and similar after 60 level. Fixed possibility of transmogrification. Lowered characteristics of and Fixed possibility to obtain, and with master looter. Increased amount of items in one stack for some items. Fixed display of transmogrification on a player. Fixed possibility of transmogrification. Added character binding of Added possibility of restoring at Arthorn Windsong NPC. Fixed charge usage of if there are no targets in front of a caster. Objects Fixed in Silithus. Fixed object. Corrected drop chance of jewels from Achievements Fixed and achievements are now given for 5 DIFFERENT types of summons, not for any 5.
  12. You can always view our status page for updates on these things too. As well, it was announced on Discord.
  13. Today, we'll be releasing on Sylvanas with all bosses available. Mythic and Mythic+, loot, and achievements will be available too! The dungeon will be available today at 14:00 PM (server time).
  14. The current season on our Gul'dan realm will end on Monday, November 13th, 2017. The new season will start directly on the same day and will last approximately 4 months. The conquest points will be reset when the new season is set. The rewards will be distributed to 3v3 (& 2v2 Top 10 teams due to activities). Here are the level of rewards: Top 1 to 10: Warmongering Gladiator, Warmongering Glad Season 3 and the mount Warmongering Gladiator Felblood Gronnling. Top 11 to 25: Gladiator, Glad Season 3 and the mount Warmongering Gladiator Felblood Gronnling. Top 26 to 50: Duelist, Top 51 to 75: Rival and Top 76 to 100: Challenger and Rewards for 2v2 : Top 1 to 10: Warmongering Gladiator, Warmongering Glad Season 3 and the mount Warmongering Gladiator Felblood Gronnling. About rated battlegrounds, / will be given to for the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  15. As you can see most of our Gul'dan realm population moved to our other successful realms Sylvanas and Garrosh, mostly resulting from the fact the expansion wasn't that popular to start off with. Because of that, you guys suggested this idea, and we hope this can make Gul'dan enjoyable again for many of you. We'll be implementing Cross Faction, this feature has proven to be popular on Garrosh and helpful, so we've agreed to add it to Gul'dan. Cross-Faction allows members from the Horde or Alliance to party together as if they were from the same faction. You will be able to have and make mixed raids, dungeons, guilds. Player vs. Player will be faction locked, and the realm will remain that way as well. We expect with this to allow more content to be done, such as Hellfire Citadel which is been under development, new releases soon, and as well to keep the realm enjoyable for everyone. This will be implemented on October 10th, 2017. Thank you all and have a good game!
  16. sylvanas

    Hello everyone, We're aware of the issues that are occurring on Xavius in Emerald Nightmare Mythic. Our developers suggested that Xavius loot, achievements to be disabled until the issues with Xavius are fixed. We plan to re-launch the Mythic difficulty on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 16:00 (server time)! * Again, we apologise for the issues you encountered and we'll see you on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 for the race to “The Emerald Nightmare” realm first. May the best guild win and for the winners a surprise awaits you. * Mythic difficulty will be closed on Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 evening until it officially reopens on October 18th, 2017 at 16:00 (server time)!
  17. Report will be marked as invalid and you won't be banned. As for the person faking the evidence against you, they'll receive a suspension.
  18. No you won't be banned unless your name violates our rules.
  19. No, if you're caught breaking the server rules you will be punished.
  20. World chat should be a bit better, we're still implementing things and getting things sorted for these issues.
  21. We won't be changing anything right now, and they're fine how they are right now.
  22. There shouldn't be any queue anymore. We're currently working on solutions to allow support for more players and we've implemented clustering for certain things.
  23. I'll forward this and see what can be done.
  24. Hi, please open a thread in our Technical Support.
  25. Hi, you can keep up to date via