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  1. I want to install Ackis recipe list.. the thing is now that it comes with all the profession libraries separate, can anyone tell me just WHERE those go? I downloaded them all into the addons folder like I figured I should do yet it still keeps telling me I have no professions databases installed. Anyone else use this Addon??
  2. hehe.. was just blowing off steam.. I know you guys have a lot on your plate.. thanks for getting it up and working.
  3. What is with the server today? 6 crashes in less than 2 hours? Someone forget to feed the hamsters running the wheel or something?
  4. Firestorm International just put this up on their Facebook... Good morning ☕️🥐 ! We apologize for the down time on Garrosh, our team actually work on an unplanned maintenance, the realm will be back soon.
  5. Nah.. I can't see it being shut down for good with them saying nothing.. but at this point gotta wonder if some hardware failed.. it has been crashing a lot more frequently the past couple of days.. Would be nice tho if they would tell us something once in awhile.
  6. Servers usually come back up very quickly.. looks like tonight it's being a lil bit slow
  7. That's really odd.. because after she was having so many issues trying to make a worgen, I tried.. twice.. both times after the 2nd quest suddenly there were no more quests.. I tried running ahead to the next area to see if there were more quest NPC's there but there was nothing but tons of mobs all through it.. like it was on a completely wrong phase.. with both characters, I got 1 quest to go talk to the dead NPC in the corner, and got the quest to knock on the doors to get the citizens out, after those were turned in, nothing more was offered.
  8. Good to know.. friend of mine has been cussing about her Worgen for weeks.. even put in a ticket and was told by a GM that nothing was broken in starter area and to make a bug report but he couldn't do anything to help her.. I just saw this post tonight and she was able to wolf out for the first time at level 29 as nothing let her know the ability was there until I read this.