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  1. Nope.. I think the server crashes because of too many people. I'm VERY curious about the specs of this ''server'' which runs Sylvanas realm. Or it's a problem at host. Unplayable at the moment.. I think I'm going back to WoD for a few months.
  2. Get it from Blizzard... sign up for a free trial account, install battle.net and install WoW. Don't bother with torrent version, IT DOES NOT WORK without issues. I've downloaded the .rar client but it wouldn't work I got my client from blizzard battle.net (I own WoW until WoD expac) but Firestorm launcher modifies a few files and you can play just fine.
  3. False alarm.. sometimes it shows ''incompatible" but you can still enter the realm.
  4. Not really worth ''playing'' on Sylvanas realm at the moment. It lags all the time, most simple things don't work (professions, scripted quests (which is to be expected))
  5. I wouldn't transfer for the upcoming year or so. Legion server lags all the time and nothing works. Stay on WoD (opportunity to level to 100) First transfer will be free (I don't know for how long tho) EDIT: "Transfer" is kinda misleading.. when you ''transfer'' your character it gets copied over to Legion, BUT it also stays on WoD realm/server. You could try for yourself but don't have high hopes
  6. Read title. I can live with content being bugged and not working but the lag ruins the immersion and experience on the server. The server is presented in such a way to make it look top quality, but logging in and playing on the server proves otherwise. What are the specs of the server? Where is it hosted? We've got a decent community here so maybe we can all chip in a dollar/euro/zimbabwe currency or whatever to upgrade it so it performs better.
  7. This doesn't work at all. Firestorm launcher is bugges as fuck, just like the servers.
  8. I've got my client through battle.net (v 7.1, but it gets downgraded through Firestorm Launcher to correct version). The problem however, is that it still downloads files in-game. Wtf?
  9. It's not easy to handle this many incoming traffic. I'm annoyed as hell too, but hey .. give the guys a break.
  10. Not that I don't believe you. But you know that each file has to be changed individually, right? That read-only option doesn't change subfolders (eventho it says it will!) If that didn't work .. well it could be anything.
  11. Is WoW installed inside Program Files? If so, move it out of there. Also make sure to check if the main folder (World of Warcraft) isn't READ ONLY. Firestorm Launcher needs to WRITE in it too.
  12. No offense, but if you barely speak English why are you asking for help IN ENGLISH. Makes no sense to me. What is your native language? Spanish? If you politely state this fact in your post, you can ask for help in your native language and people won't be annoyed.
  13. Timer needs to reach 0 for any realms to show up. Character copy (it's not actual transfer because you're character gets duplicated to Legion, but also stays at your previous expansion and realm) only works if youre lvl 100!
  14. Don't expect shit to work. Just saying. FFS, Not everything in WoD even works ... it would be unrealistic to expect things to work in Legion. I think Legion realm will be a mess for the coming few months. It's a time to discover bugs, and WHAT WORKS.
  15. Get the official Firestorm torrent version. I did experience this same issue when I started playing 2/3 days ago. Do you have official battle.net World of Warcraft ? If so, you can use that one too! The download will be much faster.