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  1. Wow Goldpaw, I'm a big fan of your work. I would never have guessed that you would come here. Disclaimer: I do know this thread is quite old.
  2. .... read the title people... admin/gms and other staff has to count. players have to stop them...
  3. but not before the official release :P
  4. they already confirmed that they'll make a legion realm as soon as they can. in other words, when they get their hands on a client from legion then they can start developing it. but they can't release it before blizzard, blizzard with send a DCMA take down and that might even be for all realms. so TL;DR. Legion ? yes! as soon as possible but not before the official legion release.
  5. not having the blizzlike rate is not blizzlike to... it's unblizzlike either way. yet being able to play with blizzlike rate would be more blizzlike for the player.
  6. Since Retail is on 6.2.2, it's just a matter of using the retail launcher to update to 6.2.2. offcourse it will overwrite some files of the Firestorm launcher. but simply run the firestorm launcher and it will set the values to what is needed again. so it should be a breeze.
  7. yeah, Blizzards movies have always been at the peek of animation.
  8. Warcraft - The Lost Viking (because the human on the poster is the main role player of the series "vikings")
  9. He meant that it has been implemented trinitycore. Firestorm has made their own branch of trinitycore a long time ago, So firestorm doesn't have the updates trinitycore has and vice versa. But since a lot of the core structure is probably still the same, it should be possible to implement it like trinitycore did.
  10. in the devblog they said they are working on a full download through the launcher. so soon these guides will become obsolete
  11. I know right, we just can't help ourselves.
  12. if you are talking about that mega link, step 1: probably not but can't be sure step 2: probably yes, since else the launcher won't find it step 3: ? do you mean are there guides that are one click download and play? no clue if you are talking about my guide, it's all in the guide.
  13. bumping allowed?
  14. in the tutorials section are full download guides.
  15. if staff bands together maybe.