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  1. WTB a Warr Full PvP and PvE And got amazing stuff!! like legendaries and Shit for 1370 points! /w Kyle...And if i'm not online send me a mail with your skype or kik name...Don't miss this offer guys!
  2. ♥.......(.)(.) 8=====> ({}) Merry Christmas Firestorm! ({}) <=====8 (.)(.)......♥
  3. Hello i'm trying to sell my Character And i will give the Buyer 50k gold as a reward or a thank you...Anyway Contact me in Hangeshi to get the 50k gold after you buy the Character <WTS Warr PvE "Hangeshie" ilvl 568 Full upgrades Arms with legendary cloak. With some tank items. Amazing transmogs. 1100 points.> Enjoy!!!
  4. Here's the real winner's Tmog jkjk But srsly if i could've made myself win i would've. Jk
  5. Guys i'm sorry only ppl who were actually in my event won -.- you should've sent pics..Btw Aju's still better!!
  6. Congratulations to Aju for winning ♥The Transmog Challenge♥. I announce Aju the Best Transmog in MoP. Take a look Guys in
  7. The Transmog challenge! Do you have a awesome Tmog that you wanna show and get a chance of Wining 100k gold from me? Yes the most badass and awesome tmog will be the best in the game!!! Just send me picture here>>Skype:Loaivip kik:Loaivip...2 Days left♥
  8. Yeah idk about now i think it fixed. also i wanted to ask. if i apply Wow Shortcut to launcher will it reset it?
  9. #132 Error pissed me off...
  10. When you are fcking hosting a server you need to make sure the most of the players are happy playing .... With this fcking annoying errors every minute Most of players quit.... 3 of my friends quited yesterday because of this shit. If you are not ready to face all the problems that a server can have.. just don't do it. And ffs tell this devs to focus on in-game bugs we had enough of that pve.. fix open world - class and then fix pve