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  1. there are also other things that will give you the slow fall perk besides noggenfogger
  2. go to this npc for the ally version Slugg Spinbolt <Wild Honor Quonartermaster>
  3. ya we need to get a download that will work because this is not.
  4. I mean the firestorm not retail.
  5. I would love to be in the beta if I could.
  6. or if you know a person training tailoring you can help them by giving them materials they will need to make what you want. Or make a bunch of alts so you can farm all the mats and craft your own bags.
  7. I been voting alot but when I go to vote the link for I click on the link but it does not count as a vote is there some way to fix this so I can get all the possible vote points I can earn.