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  1. Because all players will be force-mounted, monks wont be able to use speed talents. However, you have a good point. Deathknights have mount speed buff so in the beginning of the game all extra speed buffs can be removed
  2. Title: A Crazy-Like-Me Racing Event Suggestion Type: In-game Description:  Hello, While trying different stuff together in the game, I came up with an idea. Let's we have different track instances for racing. And for each instance rules are: *Players will get a random toy appearance change ( with charmed buff naturally ) and they will also get a running will activated. As I observed, players just run fast while upstanding but they are still counted as mounted (this also prevents looting actions). Dismount will be disabled *Mount speed will be max *The road will be 4 lines(so each player will take one space in the beginning but then they can switch at will). *While players are running crazily fast, the will be random summon circles with different points from 10,25,50,80 and 100 points. *The finishing line will get the list of passers in a list array and the ordered points are 50, 30 and 15 for first 3 winners *Players are forced to stay in the road *Forced buffs cant be dispelled or cant be removed on right click. At the end of race, all players will stay at finishing line area (let's say 40x40 meters) and they all will be charmed and do forced cheer animation. Then, they will be forced to leave instance and will get token in their "currency inventory" *All racers are counted as friendly (whether horde or alliance) *In the finish line, Sylvanas and Alleria will stand and when first racer passes, they will do a cheer animation *For summoning triggerer, cloud serpent flag race circle triggers can be benefited *Winner will get a crazy-like-me token which can be used on its own vendor for maybe mounts, rare crafting items, some equipments, or for Firestorm Coins For Azeroth!