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  1. So.. A normal battleground with more AP?
  2. Title: Items - Food and Drink Type: In-game Description:  Hi! Could it be possible to add Blackrock Coffee to the appropriate vendors in-game? Link:
  3. Gotta love reading lists like this Best warrior: me- I did a skirmish once and won cause the other team dc-ed (but i'm good i promise) Best DK: mum Best hunter: my friend Garry Best lock: Garry's sister who doesn't play games. Based on: absolutely nothing
  4. Yeah, it's only you
  5. lol
  6. Stay where you are.
  7. Black Market could be a gamble, but its also the only way to get some items (excluding FS shop) - Bonescythe gear for example. For me - its a waste, but if you're feeling adventurous go for it. Good luck!
  8. Nothing that's worth almost half a mil golds. Slim chances of polar bear and proto-drake, few mog items..
  9. Im not sure, but my best guess is your toon should be level 1 or it won't work.
  10. So, I were doing some PvP and after finishing battleground, the game crashed. Ever since then when I try to log Sylvanas it just disconnects instantly. According to the game my character is online, so I cant unstuck or do anything with it, logging on Greymane and MoP just fine. Anyone experienced the same issue?
  11. Greetings lovely people! I decided to share this gem with a question: Why not only I can't attack the opposite faction in battlegrounds, but Im HEALING them with my damaging spells?!
  12. I believe there are logs available if you want to check what's fixed?