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  1. Hi! Regarding the whole RP thing... I have a question. How do you do that? I mean is it like a social guild, do you raid, do you pvp? What do you do?
  2. Maybe a week or two and we'll have Legion stuff on the Shop.
  3. Hey there @Softarke, Currently, you can get instant 110 on Sylvanas either by purchasing a character from the shop or keeping an eye for Boris (usually around big holidays) Another possibility is boosting your character to level 100 and questing until 110, which is relatively fast because Legion zones are working fine. Click HERE to post your suggestion anyway. Cheers
  4. The realm just went live, give it few days.
  5. You're suggesting a complete re-work of the transfer system, changing the rules for the copies, wiping all the "extra stuff" from 10k players, informing the community about the new rules and proceeding with the renewed toons in 2 days? I'm sure that's not happening and you know it well, so it seems your post is here only to fill your free time with drama.
  6. Sounds like turning Firestorm into eBay don't you think?
  7. Still is - Find the add-on you want and open the file tab. In Game Version it should be 5.4.8, which has the highest chance to work. If there's no 5.4 update, look for the closest one
  8. Oooh, my bad. Thought it's Legion for some reason. The principle is the same, but @moneybags has a point - watch out the version of the game. Good luck. (:
  9. Hey there! Here's a step-by-step guide and be sure to download add-ons for Legion, 7.3 if available. Good luck.
  10. As a person living in the Balkans, we have plenty of payment methods available - cards, Paypal, Paysafe cards, mobile payment for some operators.
  11. Hey! As far as I know, secondary professions can't be reversed. A server admin might be able to help you, but since it's part of game mechanics GMs can't wave their wand around and magically poop out a command for things that are not available in official. My advice- Go to Forum > Staff > Administrators and PM the one with a name that sounds the best to you. Good luck
  12. What about the people who work and can't farm gear, but still want to play end game content?
  13. Server Advertising: Advertising another server, via whisper, guild chat, /s, or any global channel. Punishment: 30 days account suspension. Literally the first rule. I suggest creating a report with the full unedited screenshot as evidence.
  14. Hey! The quest line for the pandas was working fine last time I checked and you should've been out of it by now. If you're running out of quests, you probably missed a quest from the main line at a low level. My suggestion: turn on low-level quest tracking and go back. Here's a link: Good luck
  15. Hey! Here are some things you might try: -Restart PC (sounds stupid, but you never know) -Some Add-ons are problematic, disable all and try to log - Open wow client and try to log your main, when it gets stuck open another wow client with the same account. Your main should get kicked automatically in few seconds -Change graphics settings to 1 and try to log -Try making another character on your server. If you make it into the game, log out, go back to your character, see if anything changed -Try logging into a different server from the launcher. Log out, log back in to your server, see if you can play Good luck (: