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  2. Hey! There is - go to Shop, Select realm, Character Deleted For level 110 it's going to cost you either 125 loyalty points or 50 golden.
  3. If you don't like it, don't go there. Noone's forcing you. Timeless and Ashran are still PvP zones, no?
  4. The raid is not even out yet and you wanna pay to win the whole patch already. GG
  5. So.. A normal battleground with more AP?
  6. Title: Items - Food and Drink Type: In-game Description:  Hi! Could it be possible to add Blackrock Coffee to the appropriate vendors in-game? Link:
  7. Maybe a year - year and a half after BFA has been officially launched.
  8. You could try sacrificing a virgin to the old gods or, alternatively, check on WoWhead where the item drops, go there and farm it.
  9. Gotta love reading lists like this Best warrior: me- I did a skirmish once and won cause the other team dc-ed (but i'm good i promise) Best DK: mum Best hunter: my friend Garry Best lock: Garry's sister who doesn't play games. Based on: absolutely nothing
  10. Yeah, it's only you
  11. lol
  12. Stay where you are.
  13. Black Market could be a gamble, but its also the only way to get some items (excluding FS shop) - Bonescythe gear for example. For me - its a waste, but if you're feeling adventurous go for it. Good luck!
  14. Nothing that's worth almost half a mil golds. Slim chances of polar bear and proto-drake, few mog items..
  15. Im not sure, but my best guess is your toon should be level 1 or it won't work.