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    Gonna be great!
  2. Greetings, If you want to suggest something to be added please do that on the Suggestions section. → Suggestions Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance
  3. Heya! @Luz1f3r Natürlich gibt es bei uns auch deutsche Gamemaster. Wir haben aktuell 2 davon. Einmal mich und den @Zeptros Du kannst dein Ticket auch gerne auf deutsch verfassen, wir sind täglich aktiv und kümmern uns um jedes Problem sofern wie die Berechtigung dazu haben. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Gamemaster Kyrance.
  4. Greetings, Its a little bit hard and you need some extra effort to get it running but you can run Firestorm WoW on Mac OS. Just go to the normal site where you would download WoW and download it. It should just download it for Mac. I tried the minimal client on Mac OS Mojave and it worked. No need to split your harddrive. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance.
  5. This is location is called Quel'thalas. This is not a location you are supposed to be in. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance.
  6. Some older stuff breaks when updating to the newest expansion as far as I know. Our developers on BFA have their main focus on the BFA content, you can suggest on the Suggestions section that some devs should work on the older content if you would like to do that.
  7. @budderz GMs are not developers as @Alan already said. Our developed are constantly working on fixing bugs. But on BFA, the things from BFA have the the highest priority. Netharion's Lair is a legion dungeon, maybe try it on the legion expansion where the devs are specialized to fix and or add legion content. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance.
  8. Anleitung Screenshot Beweise Um unseren Spielern Quests welche nicht funktionieren abschließen zu können wird ein Screenshot als Beweis benötigt. Dies ist eine Anleitung dazu, wie die Webseite dafür genutzt werden kann Screenshots hochzuladen. Diesbezüglich enthält der Beitrag eine Anleitung in Form eines Videos und eine Bild-Anleitung. 1. Besuche die Seite und klicke auf "New Post" 2. Füge die Bilder ein indem du diese entweder in die Box per Drag and Drop reinziehst oder klicke auf "Choose Photo/Video" und wähle das Beweisfoto aus. 3. Kopiere den Link aus der URL-Leiste und sende diesen zum Gamemaster. Videoanleitung Regards,
  9. Greetings, Unfortunately you are only able to migrate from Monster WoW to Firestorm at the moment. But we have a promotion from time to time where an NPC comes to the capital cities and gives out a free level-boost to everybody. Regards,
  10. Greetings, I doubt that there will be a BFA fun server soon since Battle for Azeroth is the latest expansion. If you want to, you can suggest a BFA fun server here: Regards,
  11. Greetings, The NPC that gives out the quest for you should have 2 Quests called "In the blink of an Eye" one of them is not working. Please try turning in both of them. If neither of them are working, we will contact you via your ticket in-game. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance
  12. Greetings, Please try earning some reputation for the faction you want to buy the mount from e.g. by doing quests. After you have done a few quests, you should be able to talk to the vendors and buy mounts. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance.
  13. Greetings! I am sorry to hear that you guys are not having a good time leveling up and hitting certain levels. But there are things we can do about that. Just create an in-game ticket describing your issue. And fasten up the progress, please directly add a screenshot that got uploaded to to your ticket, where we can clearly see the issue. What is also important is that the screenshot should not be cropped or edited. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance.
  14. Greetings! I am sorry to hear that you missed the chance to get a free boost from Boris. The next date the chicken riding Tauren will appear is unknown at the moment but there will be an announcement in the Announcements section when he comes again and brings free boost with him. Good luck next time. Regards, Gamemaster Kyrance.