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  1. for demonlogy Haste; Intellect; Critical Strike = Mastery; Versatility. Haste > Intellect > Critical > Mastery > verstatillity Me ilvl 863 29 trait Haste 22.37% ( Reduction of the time(weather) of proc of doom and increase of the number of tick and increase of speeds incantations of the fates(spells) and the increases of the speed of attack of the pet and regeneration of their energy) Intellect (Increase the power of the fates(spells) and the power of the fates(spells) of the pet as well as their power of attack) Critical 23.28% (Increase the criticisms of the fates and that of the regular visitors ) Mastery 50% (Increase the damages of the regular visitors during ) Versatility 3.26%/1.26% For my part I loot that of the stuff haste+1 critical( Rather for destro )while best for demonology it is haste +mastery I wonder if the loot specialization works ,Seen that the players me we say here it is the haste masters which matters(counts) here while tutorial based on official tells me haste critical Multitargets the demonology 300k easy pve but in mono-target one is late on everything the classes, then rajoutont the problems of IA of the regular visitors and what certainly he(it) does not inherit quite the statistics of master(teacher) I matter(count) on account @chronojean to see with me that he(it) does not go
  2. ilvl 860 Haste 21,73% Crit 26,06% versatility 4.32%/2.16% Spell power 30985 27 trait I am not the only one warlock why same warlock more stuff than me makes fewer damages than tanks while I was with a warlock who had even no talents It is one party of nerve but he should not have there that that, we do not see many of warlock pve (raid) because the dps is not viable seen that tanks make more of dps than us When I concerned he(it) worked but not often This talent would make a bit extra So pets do not react in the same way there pvp or pve because pve most of the time pet go on strike, he(it) does not attack(affect) any more thus loss of dps , I I have the problem with grimoire of service and Summon Infernal That sometimes he(it) stays next to us without doing anything That the permanent pet stops attacking(affecting) while targets have any dooms and what he(it) in posture to help Summon Darkglare He always turns around towards us before throwing lasers what makes him waste time The logic more you have of stuff more you makes of damages here but there has there not really of difference The statistics of the pet increase you he(it) correctly with that of the warlock? @Remolkeman
  3. If way of looked for the pve has there because démoniste is far dps and to see what is faulty for demonolgy thank you @Remolkeman
  4. With an ilvl of 857 my dps is not enormous pve for 3 specializations compared with quite the classes however there pvp quite specialization became viable, by classification the most viable pve level damages the destruction, the sadness, the demonology. Even by changing certain talent and to make test nothing can be done, it finds him from where come this nerve can say it to me
  5. If that interests you to use him(it) or to resume(to take back) him(it) ouée-démonologie/
  6. Hello here is I makes a list of everything bugtrackers demonology: I wanted to make a small test know if the votes of bugtrackers are taken into account for developers. Thus I put you the list he(it) do not remain in you more than to put thumbs(inches) positive or comments to add it information. I count on you all for yours contribution (demonology will overcome(win)) Ps: I made this subject in the other languages(tongues) of the forum to achieve more of nobody. Thank you in advance for yours understanding, contribution and of your answer. Sorry of my translation I would correct if I have helps(assistants) (of base(basis) I am French) Cross(Spend) the information to everything the friends demonology