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  1. i honestly regret borris coming to server They should remove him today.The server is becoming unplayable as lazy players from other servers rush into getting instant 110.The developers need to do something about it.And yea i am also fed up with the fucking Queues.3000 queue?!?! like really?!?!?! really guys and i end up taking haalf an hour to log in?!?!?! Wat if i only have the half an hour to play the game?!?!what about those people experiencing disconnecting issues?!?! Finally i am also experiencing this updating loading screen issue
  2. To be honest i might agree with you Dolore.I just read some previous posts regarding similar topic and they all thought the same.I don't know why they suddenly changed their minds but it isn't right.Many people thought that it was a fresh start of things.A fresh server with a new friendly beginning like your advert said.All in all ,i do hope they change their decision towards this situation if possible
  3. Wait i thought all account were supposed to get banned.Thats what was advertised before firestorm came out.Why are out changing things now.Anyway, i have already sent you a PM with my pandashan banned account details.
  4. when are the banned accounts getting unbanned
  5. Imagine opening this forum in a Dark Room on a full BRIGHTNESS PC =BLiNDNESS
  6. Sheepys you have some serious issues mate and you better sort them out before it is late.Did you see what they wrote?"ALL BANNED Players" and i mean all players(At this point it doesn't matter what he or she did) will be UNBANNED.I don't know what your objective was during the making of your statement but just so we are clear every individual who was banned is getting unbanned.PERIO:D!
  7. I was here too.Post here and you will be always remembered