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  1. can i send greymane 2x gladiator character ?
  2. Title: All PvE Artifact Appearance Type: Shop Description:  On greymane these are impossible to get cause no mage tower or raids available and some people are lazy to get them anyways on sylvanas adding to the shop will be benefitting everyone.
  3. Title: Toy Type: Shop Description:  Hello can you add thanks in advance.
  4. guide*
  5. oh pve guid for feral? take brutal slash and use this macro //// /cast Brutal Slash /cast Cat Form(Shapeshift)
  6. feel free to ask questions
  7. my name is immortalclaw. 2745 in 2 vs 2 / 2350 in 3 vs 3 / 2700 in 1 vs 1 in season 1. i want it to give every one a guild to become better on feral. forget about all youtube guilds , they are all trash. first . feral is one of the only class that u can master and it's super hard to master it. i will tell u step by step how to become the best feral . trust me it's easy. first step : damage the easiest part is this. u want to keep 1)rip/ rake/moonfire 2)try use shred more than moonfire to generate combo points 3) use bite on 5 combot and 50 energy (for +100% dmg ) and for refresh rip second step : cc/ stuns ferals got bash+maim as a stun ,it's very simple and they have root. u can use root to stop people on there place. stop Resto shaman from using link ... , but the best way to use root is to prevent people from stunning and damaging what i mean ? few people know about this spell [Earthen Grasp]. this spell makes people miss/dodge any damage or stunning spell ( sheep+clone+blind+bash+kidney+chaos bolt+karma.... but doesn't work on heals. last step is the master feral. WITH ROOT +[Earthen Grasp]. i will give you some tips and tricks for it 1) use root when your enemy is bursting so he miss every spell 2) use root when on healers ( not holy pala) for example , you bait the go on mw monk. he teleports and hide behind pilar+ you go and root him behind the pilar ( he can't dispel the root) and than u burst on his dps + bash . and you get 8sec +5sec cc on healer. 3) using root to stop ranged stuns .if u couldn't kick sheep / fear / clone ... and target to far away , just root. 3)baiting main burst . you use root on the enemy , for example an Udk and you go to him and try make him use his artifact. works on rogues kidney too. 4) the most hardest way . you have to read what your enemy will do . for example a rogue used burst with no blind and on his next go , you have to pre root his blind so he miss it and last think in 2s or 3s. bleed every one+ keep refreshing your bleeds with [Ferocious Bite]. because of [Sabertooth] talent.
  8. bfa

    allow send golds on max on all realms please. we can't just leave all our golds on legion . remove the max 200k and make it max
  9. nice gates GMs you fixed running away from gurubashi but you didn't notice that people comes to guru and never come back.
  10. i tought pvp zone means every one for him self. it's sounds like bunch of kids that cant queue 1vs1/2sv2/3vs3 gank and takes all that GM build to make this area better for nothing. to fix this place , you have to become same as best games ( fortnite). leurn from the best to become the best . if you see some one and you don't attack him , you get banned.
  11. don't listen to this idiots guild. they are piss of shiit making all wat you creat sucks by ganking. if you want appearance PAY FOR IT!!!! or earn it ( 2.6k+) not scrubs 1.5k
  12. for lazy that can't read. delete greymane + add 1vs1 to sylvanas +add pvp zone that active pvp stats for balance pvp = more players in pvp = more fun. pvp right now is dead.
  13. fix facking pvp change. feral hit 1M in retail and here hits 400k . you are server
  14. fix ferals bite its so dumb in pvp. stupid 400k crit were is the 7.3.5 changes on spells? bite hits 1M+ in pvp .
  15. Title: best idea for new contents Type: In-game Description:  no need to talk alot. add 1vs1 npc and new pvp zone ( that gms are working at to change gurubash arena on greymane) .send characters with more than 1 day game play to sylvanas. dont forget quests for the new pvp zone to give people reason to come there.and delete greymane. lets be honest, server will die wen BFA comes and it's starting to die , so why we have 2 realm? this will help for all the pvp players to have more contents and get gear- will also help sylvanas players to find more skilled players for pvp ( all Season 1 gladiators are from greymane). best part of this. we would have more queues in 1vs1 - and more people in pvp zone , so they won't be any ganking same as Gurubashi arena . Important: remeber scenario that happen to dreanor -and pvp zone on sylvanas shuld active pvp stats for more balance and no bullshit 4M hits from full geared people