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  1. i just want relic . i sold 2characters for it. each one has his own way to farm gear
  2. i don't know max ilvl . and make each item for 200 coins , because 1 character cost 300coins or +. and character > 1item.
  3. Title: shop update Type: Shop Description:  can we get an update for the 955ilvl items that cost 300coins to become 980ilvl for the new season pls?
  4. all my friends quit this server cause of unbalance / abusing / OP comps with out brain that works only in firestorm. i got gladiator last season R5 in 3vs3/ R2 in 2vs2 / R2 in 1vs1. in this server i tried to push for glad but no team. i found decent healer and got with it to 2.6k in 2vs2 and server says no reward from 2vs2. you look for team over 1 week or more cause it's dead server. and than u want 15mnt or + for 1 game and you expect us to play 3vs3? i am quiting this server . SO BAD!!!! giving gladiator to 2100ratting in 3vs3 over a 2700-2550 in 2vs2 makes me sick
  5. because they did last season!!! Retail has none stop queues in 3vs3. firestorm has 30mnt queue i got 2.6k in 2 days but i cant get 1.5k in 3days in firestorm if u don't get games
  6. 2vs2 is the best for giving 1-7 glad because first we have higher ratting 2.6k. and 3vs3 has only 2.1k+ . imagine giving gladiator to 2100 ratting. why is it low ratting? cause no one queues 3vs3. they only queue 2vs2. !!!!glad for 2550+ in 2vs2!!!!
  7. top 1-7 in 2vs2 deserve gladiator title+mount too
  8. and you can't even farm the skins. nothing works on greymane
  9. Title: Greymane (artifact appearances ) Type: In-game Description:  a lot of appearances are earned from pve. my suggestion is to add vendor for appearances. each appearance has her own ratting to buy it. ratting difficultly depends on the difficultly on the pve system of it . for example ferals can't earn the ghost cat cause mage tower doesn't work. and it's one of the best skins. please make greymane great same as tournament on dreanor was.
  10. what is added cause i can't play the game? did they add weapon appearances ? ferals are dying
  11. pls help me fix this probleme ,i got gladiator on legion and than this error come out. HELP!!!!!!
  12. this error got on firestorm only. in retail this error is caused when server is down. but in firestorm , it's different . so you can't just google it.
  13. me too. error 51900313. this error only in windows 10. cause i had windows 10 = i got error 51900313 i reinstall windows to windows 8 =game works fine i had to reinstall to windows 10 = got the error 51900313 again.
  14. WoW . all this people that i tought they are pro for getting fast 2.4k , they all wintrade ;( DEVs are smart guys.people like this think they can trick GM whit deleting character after wintrade. i hope next season those guys leurn the lesson. and i want to mention that they did not ban the guy that helped wintrading faermorn whit his 2k alts (hyoka).
  15. its called pro dodger . let ur team entre and tel u to entre or not