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  1. don't listen to this idiots guild. they are piss of shiit making all wat you creat sucks by ganking. if you want appearance PAY FOR IT!!!! or earn it ( 2.6k+) not scrubs 1.5k
  2. for lazy that can't read. delete greymane + add 1vs1 to sylvanas +add pvp zone that active pvp stats for balance pvp = more players in pvp = more fun. pvp right now is dead.
  3. fix facking pvp change. feral hit 1M in retail and here hits 400k . you are server
  4. fix ferals bite its so dumb in pvp. stupid 400k crit were is the 7.3.5 changes on spells? bite hits 1M+ in pvp .
  5. Title: best idea for new contents Type: In-game Description:  no need to talk alot. add 1vs1 npc and new pvp zone ( that gms are working at to change gurubash arena on greymane) .send characters with more than 1 day game play to sylvanas. dont forget quests for the new pvp zone to give people reason to come there.and delete greymane. lets be honest, server will die wen BFA comes and it's starting to die , so why we have 2 realm? this will help for all the pvp players to have more contents and get gear- will also help sylvanas players to find more skilled players for pvp ( all Season 1 gladiators are from greymane). best part of this. we would have more queues in 1vs1 - and more people in pvp zone , so they won't be any ganking same as Gurubashi arena . Important: remeber scenario that happen to dreanor -and pvp zone on sylvanas shuld active pvp stats for more balance and no bullshit 4M hits from full geared people
  6. if they don't delete greymane , both server would be empty same as wod. and empty pvp zones are not a zone
  7. greymane is trash. just add a zone in sylvanas that actives pvp stats and add 1vs1 npc and delete greymane. tranfer only 1 day game play characters to sylvanas. same what hapen to greymane
  8. this place is trash , full of kids, guilds ganking thinking they are good wen they are stuck at 1.5k in rated 1vs1. delete this trash zone and make bigger one. same as tournament back in draenor. gank area , not pvp area. or deleting greymane and transfering 1day game play characters to sylvanas
  9. i just want relic . i sold 2characters for it. each one has his own way to farm gear
  10. i don't know max ilvl . and make each item for 200 coins , because 1 character cost 300coins or +. and character > 1item.
  11. Title: shop update Type: Shop Description:  can we get an update for the 955ilvl items that cost 300coins to become 980ilvl for the new season pls?
  12. all my friends quit this server cause of unbalance / abusing / OP comps with out brain that works only in firestorm. i got gladiator last season R5 in 3vs3/ R2 in 2vs2 / R2 in 1vs1. in this server i tried to push for glad but no team. i found decent healer and got with it to 2.6k in 2vs2 and server says no reward from 2vs2. you look for team over 1 week or more cause it's dead server. and than u want 15mnt or + for 1 game and you expect us to play 3vs3? i am quiting this server . SO BAD!!!! giving gladiator to 2100ratting in 3vs3 over a 2700-2550 in 2vs2 makes me sick
  13. because they did last season!!! Retail has none stop queues in 3vs3. firestorm has 30mnt queue i got 2.6k in 2 days but i cant get 1.5k in 3days in firestorm if u don't get games
  14. 2vs2 is the best for giving 1-7 glad because first we have higher ratting 2.6k. and 3vs3 has only 2.1k+ . imagine giving gladiator to 2100 ratting. why is it low ratting? cause no one queues 3vs3. they only queue 2vs2. !!!!glad for 2550+ in 2vs2!!!!
  15. top 1-7 in 2vs2 deserve gladiator title+mount too