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  1. Cathria - When the hero has had enough. Safety off
  2. guild

    Guild update. Fertile is now the Guild master.
  3. guild

    Fertile - BG Farming (Guild Master Support) (Song may contain strong language)
  4. Cathria - Rivals until the end.
  5. guild

    Yesterday's bg farming Guild members in bg: Oldgod (Member) Shosho (Member) Skant (Member) Vloron (Member) Yourdmgsuck (Guild Master)
  6. guild

    We won't stop breathing <3
  7. I guess i can't leave yet.. (Song may contain strong language)
  8. guild

    Late night bg farming Guild members in bg: Fertile (Guild Master Support) Nuwa (Testing) Nømorew (Testing) Yourdmgsuck (Guild Master) BTW, a Guild montage is in the making so stay tuned if you want
  9. guild

    First 5man premade after starting the recruitment again and we are already ready to farm horde all day. Guild master - Cathria GM Support - Fertile Member - Omchi Member - OldGoddess Member - Almightysøsa
  10. What is your hotel room called?
  11. Fury warrior doesn't do damage