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  1. I think it's because of boris being there If it's gonna none stop crash the realm just get rid of him.
  2. I can only do the 1st 1 in the list all the rest are broken on all my characters.
  3. For a lot of people val'sharah story lines are broken and we can't get our flying Asuna quest chains worked fine.
  4. no world quests pop up in the quest list and don't count for the kill.
  5. Legion realms are down 3am-10am cet time to patch 7.3.5 so that will be about 3 more hours you can google cet time to so what time it is atm.
  6. I have seen some priests with champions i dont have but i cant find them.
  7. If anyone can help my priest can only find 3 of the champions Natalie Seline, Calia Menethil, Mariella Ward any help pls.
  8. My char hunterbrenda has 700 cooking but the trainer in dalaran wont let me get it I click it nothing happens Ive deleted my cache folder and cleared my error folder waiting for a gm 2 days that can help.
  9. Stuck at looking for update to.
  10. Logged in today to find all quests and my 150 tokens are gone and no que for crown chemical company.Not very happy was working for the mount.
  11. 4pm server time and no valor or conquest reset.
  12. Over a week ago i lost my 522 recipes i still have 553 recipes.Have made 3 tickets now last response do i have proof i had them yes you learn 522 before the 553 looking for any help.
  13. Moving the realm to a better machine its posted on facebook.
  14. Been crashing on garrosh to must be a problem with the server.