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  1. Nordrassil Hero's Call: Mount Hyjal! / Warchief's Command: Mount Hyjal! - Works As Hyjal Burns - Doesn’t Work Side chain under Nordrassil: Inciting the Elements - Work The Earth Rises - Works Flames from Above - Works Protect the World Tree - Works Furino's side chain: War on the Twilight's Hammer - Works The Flameseer's Staff - Works Flamebreaker - Doesn’t Work The Return of Baron Geddon - Doesn’t Work Emerald Allies - Works The Captured Scout - Works Twilight Captivity- Works Return to Alysra- Works A Prisoner of Interest - Works Through the Dream - Works Return to Nordrassil - Works
  2. Thats right you can get it from mage tower but the problem is Gear/traits/bugs...
  3. I finished it with Feral druid and Shadow priest.
  4. Greetings Microwavebro, Thank you for that commend we rly appreciate it. We are still doing our best to make you guys happy! Kind regards, QA Tavari.
  5. Try it again or close the game clear cache and open it again.
  6. Pls report it in the bugtracker.
  7. The server cap was full. We had 9000 Players online and it was laggy because of this we reduced it to 6,500 players. Which means the other players will be in que. :3
  8. Yeah thats great now i have a challange.
  9. The update comes when the Devs finished there work.
  10. @Sacredheals that was on WoD not Legion i don't know what they do on Legion
  11. The banned players write in there what they did and the gm's watch if this is right.
  12. Greetings Scredheals, I only want to tell you that Senior Game Master have much to do, because of that they can't look all the time at the "Ban Appeal".
  13. Greetings, I don't see something wrong there.... If you don't know templates are only in pvp means -> Arena , BG. The player can also have a legendary which helps him to do high dmg. Kind regards, Q&A Tavari
  14. Greetings shivaguard, If you download the game from the firestorm launcher the game shoulde be on version 7.1.5 If it doesn't work pls pm me and i will try to help you again. Kind regards, Trial Dev Tavari