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  1. guild

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in either making a 110 or 119 twinking guild just for fun mainly if you get board from end game content. If you would like to talk more about it with me about the idea, please feel free to shoot me a message either on here or on discord. Reedpriest#1003
  2. Well that's lame It seems like the legion servers that I've played on only working on the legion scripting but don't bother working on the old content, it's a shame really.
  3. Hi Everybody, My name is Crashling or y'all can call me Reed. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a 99 or 100 twinking guild? 99 mainly for pvp and rbgs and 100 mainly for mythic wod raiding and dungeons. Can I get my artifact weapon? Hell yes you can. If anyone would be interested in doing it with me for fun add me on discord Reedpriest#1003
  4. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone on this server would be interested in making a 90-91 twink raiding guild with me? Can be either horde or alliance, doesn't bother me which side it's on. If you have any questions or want to know more please feel free to message me on here or contact me on my discord Reedpriest#1003. thank you and have a wonderful day or night wherever that you may be in the world.
  5. Nice post, I was wondering if yall were looking for more members? Ask me question on discord Reedpriest#1003
  6. I'm trying to figure this out as well, because I really don't want to level all the way from level 1 again
  7. Hey are yall still looking for players on the bfa server? If so message me on discord Reedpriest#1003
  8. When do you think that the bot will be updated?