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  1. Izidor! Still nothing happend.
  2. And can you put this post for Administrators ?.. I'm sorry about that sayin gms... I just got angry.
  3. A weeks ago I got the belt by the Iron juggernaut (sixth soo boss), and were warforged, it took me another week to get 1000 vp and increase the belt to 4/4. Now I connected and I have found that they have removed the belt from my char! and I have not received any refund! I demand an explanation! It is not fair that because of errors should pay the players! So look like that's why everyone play and spend like 3h to kill bosses and get valors. There are wasnt any warning or tell that item is invalid and will be taken.. IT'S SO UNFAIR.... GM's can take items but can not refound. It's funny, not player mistakes it was mistake by scripters... So yea look like that's why we paying firestorm points also. I just can say Congratulations firestorm...