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  1. So I get this CAS system error whenever I try to open wow.exe and my Avast antivirus(which is a very good antivirus) pops up and says that the ashran URL has a virus. I made a thread about this on the technical support section and I didn't get any answer and many other people have the same issue. So what am I supposed to do, exactly? Even if I turn off my antivirus I'll probably have the error and I don't want to constantly fuck my PC's security whenever I play wow(which is a lot). This didn't happen to anyone a few weeks ago, so I think something's up with that ashran URL where the game and shit gets downloaded from.
  2. This happens to me as well...please explain, Firestorm. We want to play the game. My avast antivirus also pups up and says the same thing, and it's one of the best antivirus programs out there.
  3. Pretty sure the evade bug happens if players that attack the boss have pets with them. DK pet, mage pet, warlock, hunter, etc.
  4. Why didn't they announce it then? They always do.
  5. The server crashed and it's been like that for like 20 minutes. Just letting everyone know.
  6. It scales to 680 on my druid. Well, at least that's what it says on it when I get in pvp.
  7. Warning? Pretty sure it's a crash, they would have announced it otherwise. And yeah, the servers crashed and they've been so for some minutes..
  8. On the changelog from yesterday it says they added the challenge mode vendors from pandaria again, but I checked at the shrines and I can't find them.
  9. Grommash is crashing every 10 minutes. It crashed like 10 times's unplayable and very annoying, so please fix it.
  10. LOL thanks for the laugh!
  11. No, they wouldn't. I've never seen someone complain that they're not adding 6.2.3. This update just added lots of bugs, and nothing else. No new content.
  12. Dunno, I just sent Peluche a message about it.