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  1. hey , why the fuck my account got closed ?? without a reason !! acc : amineelhaouch@gmail.com
  2. @Sam its really bad if you play rated arena for exemple 200ms vs 30ms you ll never interrupt in time... etc
  3. hey @SuperSane yes you re right i dont know much about it but im sure its not from my net i play in 3 other private servers with latency under 80ms when i log in firestorm i get +180ms
  4. i did report it 3 times atm
  5. not worth it ,why spending money for a server cant even fix a simple important quest ...
  6. same didnt get my legendaries nd relics from bank on my dk +no profession .
  7. ping :25 ms from ookla mr moron !
  8. 'retarded','facepalm' oh nvm from effect trash ...
  9. the problem is i got the same latency in rated 2s so in result u lose vs trash players cuz of it ... same in bgs ...
  10. hey , i did report latency problem i found from rated 2s with 200ms+ every damn time ! today i really got fucking mad cuz of it let screens speak with you !! https://ibb.co/0Zcjnmn https://ibb.co/rs3nmPj https://ibb.co/WBS8h4M
  11. fixed <3 .
  12. https://ibb.co/dMPDrCF